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Like Being Knocked Down in the Street by a Truck: By J. I. Packer

Do Christians have a different approach to weakness in a world that values independence and strength?

Feature Article

The Canadian Christian Debt Problem

When it comes to overwhelming debt, Christians in Canada are the same as everyone else – in it up to their eyeballs. Christian experts take a fresh look at the problem – and solutions.

Feature Article

Being Made Strong on the Strength of the Lord: Interview With J. I. Packer

In an exclusive interview with Faith Today, Vancouver theologian J. I. Packer talks with senior editor Karen Stiller about weakness, being God centred, euthanasia – and old-fashioned typewriters.

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How Can Worship Leaders Work in Unity With Pastors?

The relationship between senior pastors and worship leaders can be fraught with peril – or really wonderful. Worship leader Andy Park guides us closer to wonderful.

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How a Pastor’s Wife Defends the Dignity of Women Who Are Prostituted

Glendyne Gerrard is a minister’s wife who went from praying for the persecuted in the privacy of her own home to very publicly defending the dignity and fighting for the protection of Canadian girls and women who are prostituted.

Feature Article

Canadian Ministries Empowering Women Overseas

Change a woman’s life, and often her family and community change along with it. Canadian ministries are strategically and compassionately engaging with women around the world.



From the Editors

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Doing Things the Less Instant Way

Being a Christian can mean embracing weakness rather than strength.


Letters to the Editor

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Good News

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Calgary Church Opens Centre for New Immigrants

Assisting immigrants through the struggles of a new life in Canada is what the New Canadian Friendship Centre (www.ncfcentre.com) in North-east Calgary is all about.

New Ministry Helps Young Fathers

Twenty-five-year-old Alev Roberts spent five years in and out of prison...But being a father was "the biggest fear I ever had in my life."

Ancient Document Inspires New Songs

Canadian singer/songwriter Jeremy Zeyl faced two new challenges with his latest project.  First: Write a series of songs for corporate worship – something he hadn’t done before.  Second: Base the songs on the Heidelberg Catechism.  Zeyl met those challenges in Heidelberg: Songs from the Catechism...

Canadian Ministries Use Sports to Raise Funds

Putting feet to a cause has become a tried and true way of raising awareness and funds, forging a physical link between a real-life need and people willing to compete in athletic competition to prove their conviction.


By Bruce J. Clemenger

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We're More Than What We Do

Sustaining the principles that shape our laws and impact our lives.


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Buying Sex Should Be Criminal

The EFC released Out of Business: Prostitution in Canada – Putting an End to Demand in December...

What Happened at Presidents Day?

Presidents Day Includes Visit With Prime Minister...

Faith Groups on Quebec Charter

The Canadian Interfaith Conversation...has signed a statement of concern about Quebec’s Charter of Values

WEA Celebrates Latin evangelicals, Mourns Mandela

As Africans mourned the death of Nelson Mandela in December, several WEA leaders also responded publicly with their reflections...

EFC Expert Speaks against Pornography

EFC policy analyst Julia Beazley recently addressed the need to protect children and youth from the violent reality of Internet pornography.

Pray for North Korea

The EFC Religious Liberty Commission recently issued a prayer alert after 80 people were executed in North Korea. 


Chats with EFC Affiliate Pastors

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Meet Alberta Pastor Dion Mitchell

Dion Mitchell has been the lead pastor of Claresholm Pentecostal Assembly for four years. His wife susan and family of girls (Annalise, Emily and Ileana) keep life full as they minister in an older community of faith in southern Alberta ranch and farming country.


From the EFC's Centre for Faith and Public Life

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Protecting Human Life and Religious Freedom

 The EFC will be in the Supreme Court again soon, continuing a 25-year effort.


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He Shall Have Dominion From Sea to Sea

Was Canada founded as a Christian country?


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The Hope of the World

Our vision of the church should include the marketplace.


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Strength in Meekness

 What to do with the anger that saps strength.


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God and My Job

What's the right way to juggle mundane work and God's Kingdom?


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Looking for Signs of God

What can we find in creation, history, Scripture and human experience. 


Book & Music Reviews

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Seeing God Differently: A Fresh Look at Our Unchanging Father

Author: Eddie Chu

Questioning your Way to Faith: Learning to Disagree Without being Disagreeable

Author: Peter Kazmaier

The Quest: Christ Amidst the Quest

Author: Lyman C.D. Kulathungam

Heaven’s Prey: A Redemption’s Edge Novel

Author: Janet Sketchley

How to Talk to a Skeptic: An Easy-to-Follow Guide for Natural Conversa tions and Effective Apologetics

Author: Donald J. Johnson

Called to be Saints: An Invitation to Christian Maturity

Author:  Gordon Smith


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Will Canada Be the Next Sweden?

Academic perspective suggests religion may wither away.