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In the Sep/Oct 2014 Issue

The FT Interview: Geoff Tunnicliffe

This year, Canadian Geoff Tunnicliffe steps down as chief executive officer of the WEA, the international body representing 600 million Evangelicals around the globe. And around the globe he has been. Tunnicliffe visited spots as far flung as the White House, the Vatican, Hollywood and Haiti. He shares what he saw – and what he’d like to see next.

In the Sep/Oct 2014 Issue

When Global South Scholars Call Canada Home

Among the thousands of students who arrive in Canada from other countries each year are those who wish to become better equipped in theology. With the exponential growth of the Church in the Global South, there are huge numbers of pastors desiring deeper theological education.

In the Sep/Oct 2014 Issue

When Christians Eat Healthy – Really Healthy

A meat- and potato-loving writer visits a Christian raw food test kitchen to explore a popular eating trend.

In The Sep/Oct 2014 Issue

How to Read the Bible Well

Most of us have a history of broken Bible-reading pledges. How do we engage with Scripture regularly and deeply?

In the Sep/Oct 2014 Issue

Confessions of an Ex-Pastor

Mark Buchanan outlines five things he wishes he had done differently.

In the Sep/Oct 2014 Issue

Too Busy to be Faithful?

Technology impacts our spiritual lives in ways we can't imagine. And it's our spiritual lives that can save us.



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What a creative joy it has been to give this magazine a makeover

Faith Today is one of Canada’s top Christian magazines, but maintaining excellence – on behalf of you, the reader, and of the God we all serve – requires a regular influx of new life.




Good News

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Faith in the Motocross Pit

A young Canadian covers new ground with a unique ministry

From Exclusion to Welcome for Those with Disabilities

It’s time for churches to be intentional in inclusion

Inspiring Ideas from Canadian Churches
Gideons International in Canada Strikes New Path

THE NAME MAY be the same, but just about everything else is different for The Gideons International in Canada ( The 103-year-old organization has undergone significant, fundamental change in the past three years.

Evangelical Anglican Seminary Reaches Out to Canadian Churches

WYCLIFFE SERVES! is a new initiative from Wycliffe College, an evangelical Anglican seminary on the University of Toronto campus. Officially launched in May the initiative offers resources, conferences, courses and more to churches across the country to strengthen the Church for mission, says John Bowen, the Wycliffe professor and author who leads the endeavour. Wycliffe Serves! is meant to be a bridge between academia and the Church.

A House Is Not the Only Home for Toronto Ministry

WHEN DALE MINISTRIES was threatened by closing doors in 2012, director Erinn Oxford opted to tear down the walls rather than break up the close knit family in her care. The ministry, an outreach to a hundred or more significantly marginalized people in downtown Toronto, she explains, is more a circle of friends who look out for each other than just another social organization.

Kelowna Studio Brings Faith to Dance

A DANCE STUDIO in Kelowna fuses a passion for dance with a love for God. The results are a studio that is unique, nurturing and thriving. Laura Elliott is the artistic director of Creator’s Arts Centre. “Naomi [Bothe, the founder] thought she could put this new meaning she found in dance and Christianity together, and go out there and change the world,” says Elliott. The studio’s vision is “created to create and called to impact the world through the arts.”


Revealing insights related to the recent Canadian Bible Engagement Study


By Bruce J. Clemenger

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Five Decades of Collaboration

It’s time to reflect on how God has blessed us.

It was 50 years ago this fall that a group of evangelical church leaders came together to form a national evangelical fellowship in Canada. They were deeply concerned about the theological drift they saw occurring in seminaries and pulpits in Canada. Likewise they were concerned about the shifts they saw taking place in Canadian society and wanted to foster an evangelical voice that could speak into the culture.


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The EFC at prostitution law review
Crucial court cases this fall
Will Canada stop Quebec euthanasia law?
Pray for Iraq
Bible use questioned
Experts Available


Chats with EFC Affiliate Leaders

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Reaching Across Social Lines

Angela Draskovic is president and CEO of Yonge Street Mission in Toronto, a Christian faith community providing emergency help and fostering long-term change in the lives of individuals, families and the community.



Canada, along with many other countries, is nearing a crossroads on the issue of euthanasia. Laws differ around the world, from the very liberal application of euthanasia laws in Belgium (which allows child euthanasia) to countries that outlaw it completely, like France, the United States and Canada.


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God and the classroom

Should children pray in class? Is it desirable, or even possible, for schools to teach from a religiously neutral perspective? Do parents have the right to determine which worldview shapes their children’s education?


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Why Messy is Good

Out of the mainstream isn’t always a bad thing

Many years ago I served on a search committee for a youth pastor. In one of our preliminary meetings the chairman suggested we decide on the doctrinal “must haves” for any potential candidates. The committee identified five issues that were non-negotiable. I slunk deeper into my chair. I was 0 for 5.


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Benefitting Society: B Corporations

B Corporations’ certification program fits with Christian values

Our culture assumes that society is best off if each business maximizes its own self-interest – basically, that greed is good. This encourages businesses to transfer costs of doing business onto anyone other than themselves – onto the environment perhaps, or various social support systems. We’ve seen the results of such behaviour in the collapse of various industries, like some of our East Coast fisheries.


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Responding to the Ebola Virus

Canadians can help address the crisis in West Africa

Long live Liberia, happy land! A home of glorious liberty By God’s command!


Twenty Years of Starting Afresh: CCFCC

Association for pastors formed to help former clergy transition

The Community Christian Fellowship Church of Canada celebrated our 20th anniversary in May. Permit me to introduce our fellowship and share how God is blessing us.


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Miracles? Why not?

Why it can make more sense to believe miracles than to be sceptical

Few people in history can match David Hume (1711–1776) for creating doubt about the possibility of miracles. Hume, raised in a strict Scottish Presbyterian home, lost his Christian faith courtesy of the scepticism that swept Western philosophy after the Reformation.


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In Defence of Shame

If we won’t blush, we won’t care.

Among the high-profile movies offered to us this summer has been Seth MacFarlane’s A Million Ways to Die in the West, ostensibly a black comedy about the privations and absurdities of life on the American Frontier.