This column series on responding to public policy issues is written by Faith Today staff in consultation with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's Centre for Faith and Public Life (CFPL).  Keep up-to-date on current information at, and follow us at @theEFC.

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 | 2015-2011


Helping refugees settle into Canadian life

Many Canadian church leaders are responding with action and compassion to the growing refugee crisis in Syria – and pledging to help meet Canada’s promise to offer settlement assistance to more than 10,000 refugees from Syria and 3,000 from Iraq by 2016 (Sept/Oct 2015)  

Truth and reconciliation

From the mid-1800s to the late 1990s, Aboriginal children in Canada were removed from their homes and families and placed in residential schools run by churches and religious orders in collaboration with the Federal Government.  The vast majority experienced neglect, suffered and were robbed of their culture and language. Where can healing begin? (Jul/Aug 2015)  

Pro-life campus groups

There are approximately 35 pro-life groups on university campuses across Canada.  Many of them struggle to survive in a hostile environment. What is the problem? (May/June 2015)

Palliative Care

As the issue of euthanasia and assisted suicide captures the attention of Canadians, a national palliative care strategy still does not exist in a country with an aging population and a shortage of end-of-life care options. (Mar/Apr 2015)

Our big, big pornography problem

As Canadians access online pornography more and more – and at younger and younger ages – we need to understand the enormity of the problem to begin to find a solution. (Jan/Feb 2015)


Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

The Canadian public and Church are learning about the devastating issue of murdered and missing Canadian Aboriginal women and girls. (Nov/Dec 2014)


Canada, along with many other countries, is nearing a crossroads on the issue of euthanasia. Laws differ around the world, from the very liberal application of euthanasia laws in Belgium (which allows child euthanasia) to countries that outlaw it completely, like France, the United States and Canada. (Sep/Oct 2014)

New Prostitution Laws

In June the Federal Government proposed new prostitution laws for Canada. The laws were tabled in response to the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling in the Bedford case, which found three prostitution laws in the Criminal Code to be unconstitutional.

Bill C-36, the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, directly targets the demand for prostitution. In this regard, the bill represents a paradigm shift in law -and eventually, we hope, in public attitude when it comes to prostitution. (Jul/Aug 2014)

Religion, Culture and Education in Canada

Legislating a particular educational philosophy is a mistake. The professional practices of graduates should speak for themselves.

The EFC is preparing to head into the Supreme Court of Canada for the 25th time on March 24 for the Loyola High School v. Attorney General of Quebec case. (Mar/Apr 2014)

Protecting Human Life and Religious Freedom

The EFC will be in the Supreme Court again soon, continuing a 25-year effort.

In December The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada applied to make its 25th appearance before the Supreme Court of Canada. The first time was 25 years earlier in 1988, in a case dealing with the legal status of the child in the womb.

Curiously, 25 is also the number of times the EFC has appeared in lower courts, primarily provincial and federal courts of appeal. (Jan/Feb 2014)