This column series on responding to public policy issues is written by Faith Today staff in consultation with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's Centre for Faith and Public Life (CFPL).  Keep up-to-date on current information at, and follow us at @theEFC.

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 | 2015-2011


Adoption in Canada

The welfare of children is critical to the health of a nation (Nov/Dec 2017)  

Euthanasia and assisted suicide

Canada limits hastened death to a narrow group, but the limits are being pushed wider (Sept/Oct 2017)  


Canada is talking about Islamophobia. Why this discussion matters (May/Jun 2017)  

Is pornography a public health issue?

Pornography harms everyone, so a society-wide response is the next step (Jan/Feb 2017)  


Religious freedom in court with the Ktunaxa

The Ktunaxa Nation case will set an important precedent (Nov/Dec 2016)  

Out of high school, out of church?

Five years ago a ground-breaking study showed us why Canadian youth leave the Church. A new study will help us understand a critical time of transition in this pattern of coming and going. (Sept/Oct 2016)  

Refugee claimants

We are all familiar with refugees brought to Canada by the government or private sponsors. But what about those who arrive unannounced on our doorstep? (Jul/Aug 2016)  

Sex-selective abortions

The reality of women aborting females because of a preference for a male baby continues to grow in Canada, and highlights the need for legal restrictions around abortion. (May/Jun 2016)  

Our household debt

Canada’s household debt levels keep breaking records. Words like “all time high” are not uncommon when discussing this all too common challenge for Canadians.(Mar/Apr 2016)  

Taking a stand against assisted suicide

Canadian religious leaders stand together in their call for better palliative care as euthanasia draws near in our country. (Jan/Feb 2016)