Experts from the world of business reflect on how faith relates to our work. Feedback on published columns and input on future ones are welcome at [email protected]. Click the range of years below to see all the articles in the series.


 | 2015-2011


Caring for the Global Poor

A businessperson's response to billions of hurting businessmen. By Keith Brink (Jul/Aug 2015)

The False Gods of Business

When the marketplace seems omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. By Elden Wiebe (May/Jun 2015)

Building a Better Lego Car

Experiencing the joy of creativity at work. By Robert MacDonald (Mar/Apr 2015)

Putting Faith Into Action

Manitoba business student project reaches Uganda. By Bruce Duggan (Jan/Feb 2015)


What Is Good Work?

What the Bible says about how we should work. By Russell Pinson (Nov/Dec 2014)

Benefitting Society

B Corporations' certification program fits with Christian values. By Bruce Taylor (Sep/Oct 2014)

Four Keys to Success

Tips for executives at mission-focused businesses. By Michel Bell (Jul/Aug 2014)

Creativity Through Our Work

Business people are called to do more than make money. By Stephen DeKuyper (May/Jun 2014)

Developing My Influence for Christ

Can we be more evangelical in the workplace? By Joe MacDonald (Mar/Apr 2014)

The Hope of the World

Our vision of the church should include the marketplace. By Gerry Organ (Jan/Feb 2014)


The Gift of Transparent Leadership

Following Christ involves humility and being open about our brokenness, even as leaders in the workplace. By Alana Walker Carpenter (Nov/Dec 2013)

Balancing the Serpent and the Dove

What does it mean for Christians in the business world to be shrewd yet harmless? By Richard J. Goossen (Sep/Oct 2013)

The Golden Rule in the Workplace

What a difference there would be if we all practised it. By Marco Bianco (Jul/Aug 2013)

Those Who Provide for Others

Pursuing business with excellence is an important and biblical calling. By John Wiseman (May/Jun 2013)

Own a Business? Then You’re Involved in Ministry

Christian business associations are growing – and for good reason. By Keith Knight (Mar/Apr 2013)