Experts from the world of business reflect on how faith relates to our work. Feedback on published columns and input on future ones are welcome at Click the range of years below to see all the articles in the series.


 | 2015-2011


Caring for the Global Poor

A businessperson's response to billions of hurting businessmen. By Keith Brink (Jul/Aug 2015)

The False Gods of Business

When the marketplace seems omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. By Elden Wiebe (May/Jun 2015)

Building a Better Lego Car

Experiencing the joy of creativity at work. By Robert MacDonald (Mar/Apr 2015)

Putting Faith Into Action

Manitoba business student project reaches Uganda. By Bruce Duggan (Jan/Feb 2015)


What Is Good Work?

What the Bible says about how we should work. By Russell Pinson (Nov/Dec 2014)

Benefitting Society

B Corporations' certification program fits with Christian values. By Bruce Taylor (Sep/Oct 2014)

Four Keys to Success

Tips for executives at mission-focused businesses. By Michel Bell (Jul/Aug 2014)

Creativity Through Our Work

Business people are called to do more than make money. By Stephen DeKuyper (May/Jun 2014)

Developing My Influence for Christ

Can we be more evangelical in the workplace? By Joe MacDonald (Mar/Apr 2014)

The Hope of the World

Our vision of the church should include the marketplace. By Gerry Organ (Jan/Feb 2014)


The Gift of Transparent Leadership

Following Christ involves humility and being open about our brokenness, even as leaders in the workplace. By Alana Walker Carpenter (Nov/Dec 2013)

Balancing the Serpent and the Dove

What does it mean for Christians in the business world to be shrewd yet harmless? By Richard J. Goossen (Sep/Oct 2013)

The Golden Rule in the Workplace

What a difference there would be if we all practised it. By Marco Bianco (Jul/Aug 2013)

Those Who Provide for Others

Pursuing business with excellence is an important and biblical calling. By John Wiseman (May/Jun 2013)

Own a Business? Then You’re Involved in Ministry

Christian business associations are growing – and for good reason. By Keith Knight (Mar/Apr 2013)