Experts from the world of business reflect on how faith relates to our work. Feedback on published columns and input on future ones are welcome at [email protected]. Click the range of years below to see all the articles in the series.


 | 2015-2011


Collaboration over conflict

What's Christianity got to do with unions? By Wayne Prins (Nov/Dec 2017)

Whose kingdom are you building?

And what do we mean by "profit?" By Keith Knight (Sept/Oct 2017)

Rethinking work-life balance

A more biblical and healthier alternative to balance By Steve Brown (Jul/Aug 2017)

Envisioning the dream

Why daydreaming together is important work By Marcio Coelho (May/Jun 2017)

The ethics tsunami

Scandals explode, then it's business as usual again. Can we do things differently? By Laurie Busuttil (Jan/Feb 2017)


Education to help make a better world

Christian business programs prepare students to make a difference By Angela Davis (Nov/Dec 2016)

Restorative and redemptive

Three key ideas for engaging in business while following Christ By Randy Poon (Sept/Oct 2016)

Between scarcity and abundance

Resource stewardship in a broken world By Carsten Hennings (Jul/Aug 2016)

Dignified trading

How a B.C. company is changing the way we trade By Stacey Toews (May/Jun 2016)

Is business about more than just money?

What is God's bottom line? By Kory Sorenson (Mar/Apr 2016)

Divestment in a modern economy

Christians who want to effect change by not investing in certain industries should think carefully By Craig Martin (Jan/Feb 2016)