A provocative series encouraging us to rethink how we live out our faith, written by Dr. John G. Stackhouse, Jr., the Samuel J. Mikolaski professor of religious studies and dean of faculty development at Crandall University in Moncton, N.B.

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We've Got a Problem

Christians have an image problem-but it's not hopeless yet. (Nov/Dec 2015)

Celebrating Grace in All Religions - and Especially Ours

Let's stop oversimplifying differences in what religions teach (Sept/Oct 2015)

The Delight of Giving

Giving need not be selfish nor selfless. (Jul/Aug 2015)

Misplaced Metaphors Muddling Mission

Is a Christian organization really just like a church or family? (May/June 2015)

To Judge, To Help

Can moral judgments actually help bring shalom? (Mar/Apr 2015)

Day by day . . . in the 21st century

How can we deal with our worries about tomorrow? (Jan/Feb 2015)



Memento Mori

Remembering death in order to live. (Nov/Dec 2014)

In Defence of Shame

If we won't blush, we won't care. (Sep/Oct 2014)

Only Good Is Good Enough

Why “rights” don’t matter and only “right” does. (Jul/Aug 2014)

How Firm a Foundation?

Evangelicals used to be notoriously hard. Have we become inoffensively soft? (May/Jun 2014)

More of the Same?

Can we truly flourish without innovation? (Mar/Apr 2014)

Will Canada Be the Next Sweden?

An academic perspective suggests religion may wither away (Jan/Feb 2014)


The Blessing of Dissent and Conflict

Christians are always supposed to be uinfied and avoid conflict, right? (Nov/Dec 2013)

Now For Something Completely Different

Want to countercultural? Take up admonition. (Sep/Oct 2013)

The New Evangelical Way of (Not) Arguing

Ignoring the Scriptures in favour of the maximum individual freedom to be happy. (Jul/Aug 2013)

Catching Up to the New Diversity

Working with people who don’t have faith. (May/Jun 2013)

Are We Connecting? Or Just Correcting?

Can we devote more resources to building bridges rather than barricades? (Mar/Apr 2013)

"Legal" Doesn't Mean "Approved"

Some of us need to adjust our thinking. (Jan/Feb 2013)


What Pastors Can Learn From Dentists

Professional sharing and collegial study make a major difference. (Nov/Dec 2012)

In the Public Interest

Why should the public pay for our churches? (Sep/Oct 2012)

Is Christianity the Only True Religion

Here's a short answer and a long one. (Jul/Aug 2012)

Simpler Pastoral Education for Simpler Times?

A modest proposal. (May/Jun 2012)

For Such a Time as This

Faithfulness prepares us for the unpredictable defining moments in our lives. (Mar/Apr 2012)

Challenges Good for Theology

Why Richard Dawkins, Osama bin Laden and Mitt Romney have helped clarify what Christians believe. (Jan/Feb 2012)


Putting Christ Into Good Friday

Why we should remove Good Friday from the list of statutory holidays. (Nov/Dec 2011)

Now, This

How to respond to YouTube and its kin. (Sep/Oct 2011)

Sports and the Spirit

How do we enjoy them both when schedules conflict? (Jul/Aug 2011)

Compromise on Academic Freedom

Why Canadian Christian universities deserve public support. (May/Jun 2011)

Get Out the Chequebook

It's time to give again. (Mar/Apr 2011)

Listening to the New Atheists

Can we respond to the doubts they raise – and that we might feel too? (Jan/Feb 2011)