A provocative series encouraging us to rethink how we live out our faith, written by Dr. John G. Stackhouse, Jr., the Samuel J. Mikolaski professor of religious studies and dean of faculty development at Crandall University in Moncton, N.B.

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Just "thoughts and prayers"?

On the need for words to lead to action (Nov/Dec 2017)

Where does reformation come from?

Why the periphery isn't so bad after all (Sept/Oct 2017)

Completing Canadian sentences, subject and-

How do our lives preach about God to our neighbours? (Jul/Aug 2017)

Before we resort to violence, a checklist

Second thoughts on discipline in a Christian organization (May/Jun 2017)

What if we actually succeeded?

What kind of formative welcome do we have ready for new Christians? (Mar/Apr 2017)

Discrimination and Christian universities

What to do when the academic establishment forbids firing on ethical or doctrinal grounds (Jan/Feb 2017)


Beware theological malpractice

Why not accept that great new idea someone just shared with you? (Nov/Dec 2016)

Followers of a frightening faith

Are we aware of how suspiciously nonsensical the gospel seems to our neighbours? (Sept/Oct 2016)

Your tax dollars

Tax dollars should go to faith-based groups - except when they shouldn't (Jul/Aug 2016)

Two cheers for religious freedom

What will we make of the remarkable compromises we've inherited? (May/Jun 2016)

Warming hearts

It isn't much better than scratching ears. (Mar/Apr 2016)

Time to change

Has growing up with otherworldly parents made us too worldly? (Jan/Feb 2016)