A provocative series encouraging us to rethink how we live out our faith, written by Dr. John G. Stackhouse, Jr., the Samuel J. Mikolaski professor of religious studies and dean of faculty development at Crandall University in Moncton, N.B.

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Oh, Yeah, There's a War On

Why aren't we talking about war, money and sex? (Nov/Dec 2010)

Criticizing Christians

Is it ever right to criticize other Christians in public? (Sep/Oct 2010)

The Shadow Effect

What are the limits to religious leaders speaking out in public? (Jul/Aug 2010)

Who Is on the Lord's Side? It Depends

Let's beware of oversimplifying by labelling people as either religious or secular. (May/Jun 2010)

Communicating Clearly

How do we deal with the reality that there will always be some people who don't understand what we are saying? (Mar/Apr 2010)

Secular and Christian Education

Let's get past the stereotypes in education. (Jan/Feb 2010)


The True Lifelong Learning

Although God works everything together for good, that doesn't mean every cloud has a silver lining. (Nov/Dec 2009)

All or Nothing at All?

Evangelicals need to be truly appreciative of what is both good and not good in any event, sermon or book. (Sep/Oct 2009)

Who Is My Neighbour?

Churches can easily lead the way in educating us about the religions of our non-Christian neighbours. (Jul/Aug 2009)

Our Own Worst Media Enemies

Christians should not complain about bad news coverage if our church leaders aren't willing to make themselves available to local media. (May/Jun 2009)

Is Canada Getting Worse?

We Christians should be rejoicing in the ways in which gospel values - particularly the value of caring for marginalized and oppressed people - have blossomed in Canada. (Mar/Apr 2009)


Things Still Hoped For

After six years, there are still many more things to hope for. (Jul/Aug 2006)

God's Alchemy of Grace

We know that God is at work when good and beauty blossom out of evil wherever it happens. (May/Jun 2006)

Worried Evangelicals

Some truth may be found in other religions, but Christianity makes the radical and necessary affirmation that Christ is Lord. (Mar/Apr 2006)

Becoming Religious Experts

In a world of proliferating religious options, what is the most important thing Christians can do to further the gospel? (Jan/Feb 2006)