This series by Kevin Flatt, associate professor of history at Redeemer University College, brings to light stories from our past that can inform wise choices for the future of Canadian Evangelicals. It launched in May 2013.

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 | 2015-2011



T.T. Shields

The Canadian Baptist who never avoided controversy (Nov/Dec 2017)

The Reformation in Canada

It has more to do with our history than we might think (Sept/Oct 2017)

Southern pilgrims

Canadian Mennonites in Latin America (Jul/Aug 2017)

Secularization in la belle province

What happens in Quebec does not stay in Quebec (May/Jun 2017)

A Protestant crossroads

Vancouver 1917: How controversy births new things (Mar/Apr 2017)

From rebel to pastor

Baptist pioneer Edward Manning (Jan/Feb 2017)


The Huron Carol

The beloved song has a complicated history (Nov/Dec 2016)

The cross and the tool belt: The fight for a Christian labour union in Canada

How the Almighty made it into our Constitution (Sept/Oct 2016)

God and the Charter

How the Almighty made it into our Constitution (Jul/Aug 2016)

God's "joyful telephone"

The mystical side of Louis Riel (May/Jun 2016)

Truth and reconciliation

What do we need to know about residential schools? (Mar/Apr 2016)

The Canada fire

Methodists and revival in Upper Canada (Jan/Feb 2016)