This series in Faith Today shares practical ideas from Canadian congregations. Past instalments were called "A Church You Should Know" and focused more on profiles of congregations with a collaborative, missional vision for their community. If you would like to contribute an idea, please send it to [email protected].


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2016 Articles



Fifth-Sunday ministry

When a month has five Sundays, the whole congregation of Evangelical Free Church in Brooks, Alta., does something special for the community after a shortened service.
      (Nov/Dec 2016)

Harvesting friends

Ottawa's St. Joe's Supper Table, a soup kitchen that offers home-cooked meals every weeknight, added a community garden around their facility.
      (Nov/Dec 2016)

Parking community needs

Grandview Calvary Baptist Church decided to help out with Vancouver's affordable housing crisis by donating their farmer parking lot to a project building - a community housing complex.
      (Nov/Dec 2016)

Movie reviews from an unlikely source

To help guide moviegoers' choices, the associate pastor at Mountain Olive Lutheran Church in Regina posts extensive movie reviews on the church's website.
      (Nov/Dec 2016)


Keeping current

Nova Scotia's Mount Uniacke Baptist Church provides basic tools and guides to help congregants navigate computers and the Internet.
      (Sept/Oct 2016)

Stuffing the bus

With many families struggling from the oil downturn, churches in Brooks, Alberta used the rodeo to give their local food bank a hand.
      (Sept/Oct 2016)

Brushing up on history

Aboriginal artist Brandon Gabriel painted two First Nations art pieces with Surrey Christian School students and discussed First Nations struggles and the path to reconciliation.
      (Sept/Oct 2016)

Contextualizing the gospel

Operation Mobilization Canada recently held training programs to help believers share their faith with their cross-cultural neighbours.
      (Sept/Oct 2016)


ESL classes in church?

For 13 years, Vancouver's Broadmoor Baptist Church has provided English language classes for immigrants and refugees.
      (Jul/Aug 2016)

Breaking social barriers

Once a month, St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Ottawa holds a dinner and social evening for local youth with autism.
      (Jul/Aug 2016)

Giving sanctuary to evacuees

Edmonton's Beulah Alliance Church opened their facility for evacuees from a sister church in Fort McMurray.
      (Jul/Aug 2016)

Set apart for prayer

This past May the Christian Churches Network of London, Ont., organized a Citywide Day of Prayer.
      (Jul/Aug 2016)

The Big Give

A group of Ottawa churches hold an annual event called The Big Give to show the city God's love.
      (Jul/Aug 2016)


Expecting help

As a new baby’s due date approaches, church members from Ottawa's Alta Vista Baptist Church make extra meals and freeze them.
      (May/Jun 2016)

Celebrating the Lord's Supper

Instead of the typical broken crackers and grape juice, Bethel Pentecostal Church in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland shared an entire meal while conducting the service.
      (May/Jun 2016)

Covering a need

Every Monday night throughout the winter, a group from Morrow Gospel Church in Winnipeg meets to sew blankets for Mennonite Central Committee.
      (May/Jun 2016)

A safe place to start over

Mercy Canada runs a beautiful house in Surrey, B.C., where young women in crisis can live for free while getting their lives back on track. (May/Jun 2016)


Toasting a new future

Vancouverite Grayson Bain partnered with a group of Kenyan farmers to launch JusTea, a company that provides handcrafted teas directly to customers across North America.
      (Mar/Apr 2016)

Bringing light into the darkness

Formerly members of the strip club scene, Tom and Sharyn Sherman now go into clubs with gifts and Christian literature for the dancers
      (Mar/Apr 2016)

Bringing the city to its knees

A group of Ottawa prayer leaders challenged believers to take their prayer lives to the next level in 2016 with a one-week prayer initiative called "City on our Knees."
      (Mar/Apr 2016)

Helping kids grieve

Cornerstone Church and Grave Baptist Church in Airdrie, Alberta are partnering to offer a program to help kids whose parents are going through a divorce or separation. (Mar/Apr 2016)

Facing the need

Surrey Urbana Mission in Surrey, B.C. held a celebrity chef cook-off and exotic auction. Many volunteers were homeless members of the community.
      (Mar/Apr 2016)


Winter day camp

When PA days of local school boards coincide, Markham Bible Chapel opens its doors so parents can drop off their kids for a winter day camp.
      (Jan/Feb 2016)

Urgent prayer bulletins

Justice Wall, a pro-life prayer ministry, recently updated their website so believers can sign up for prayer notices about women who are considering having an abortion.
      (Jan/Feb 2016)

Growing tomatoes for the kingdom

Ottawa’s Britannia Baptist Church rents a local community garden plot in their neighbourhood, which struggles with poverty and high crime rates.
      (Jan/Feb 2016)

A year as a nun

A new program offered by a Toronto-based Anglican monastic sisterhood gives Christian women ages 22-40 the chance to experience monastic life
      (Jan/Feb 2016)