Christians Welcome Migrant Workers Through Concert

A welcome concert thanks migrant workers for their hard work in harvesting crops in the Niagara area.


Faith Matters to Canadian Singing Sensation

Micallef credits his upbringing in the Church, his family and his faith...


Sewing Group Offers Training, Skills and Hope

World Tailors provides immigrants with sewing skills, business training and social connections in London, Ont.


Urbana Mission Conference Changes Young Lives

Ever since it began, Urbana has always had a strong Canadian touch.



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November/December Issue

Operation Christmas Shoeboxes Break the Ice in Senegal

A young girl carefully reads out loud about loving others from The Greatest Journey discipleship workbook. This is a hot, muggy classroom in a crowded corner of Dakar, Senegal.

Christian Artists Open Gallery in Hamilton

Historic naval enthusiasts will be familiar with the semaphore flag system used for communicating between ships. Communication happened from a distance by means of visual signals.

Summer Camp Helps Missionary Kids

At camp this summer Erin Bulmer learned feeling alone was normal. In June her family moved from Quito, Ecuador to St. Catharines, Ont.
“I had no idea what to expect,” the 18-year-old says. Her parents were missionaries – both their daughters were raised in Costa Rica, then Ecuador. But it was time to return North.

Sewing Group Offers Training, Skills and Hope to New Canadians

At first glance, the 25 newcomers to Canada circled around a large table in the New Life Resource Centre in North Park Community Church could just be another church social group. But one look at the sewing production line set up behind the women and piles of colourful chef’s aprons reveals another story. This is the home of World Tailors, a social enterprise ministry that provides new immigrants with sewing skills, business training and social connections in their new home in London, Ont.

New Canadian Online Foundation Does Big Things With Small Money

On a Saturday in mid-September, Kutoa ( held a party at home in Burlington, Ont., raising over $10,000.  The occasion?

Trinity Western Launches Business Program in China

Trinity Western University’s (TWU) strong international relations and solid reputation in business are making a global impact in China. TWU recently launched its international master of business administration program (iMBA) at Tianjin University of Finance and Economics (TUFE), in Tianjin, China, about 150 kilometres from Beijing.

September/October Issue

Faith Matters to Canadian Singing Sensation

Victor Micallef, a member of the world famous Canadian quartet The Tenors (, credits his upbringing in the Church, his family and his faith as sources of strength and inspiration.

London Men Fighting Human Trafficking

Men cause the problem of human sexual trafficking, so they should be part of the solution,” says Stan Burditt, founder of Men Against Sexual Trafficking (M.A.S.T.) in London, Ont.

Canadian Backing — Including The Tenors — Empowers Swaziland Ministry

The Tenors, Juno-winning Canadian musicians, will play a benefit concert in Edmonton in late September for Bulembu (, a ministry addressing the HIV epidemic in Swaziland.

Winnipeg Man Offers Bibles With Candy at Halloween

When William Rempel, a member of Gideons International Canada for 30 years, was no longer able to distribute Bibles in Winnipeg-area schools as the Gideons had for years, he began to distribute free Bibles from his Winnipeg home at Halloween instead. The idea has swept the city.

Alpha Reboot in Alberta

It’s not about my church or your church, it’s about Kingdom advancement.” This is how Gary Taitinger describes Alberta 2013, a bold new campaign that invites Albertans “to give Christianity a fresh listen” by taking an Alpha course this fall.

Aboriginal Prayer Breakfast Stresses Forgiveness

When honourary chief Kenny Blacksmith launched the first National Aboriginal Prayer Breakfast in Ottawa June 21, he shared a vision of a future Canada where all people and cultures will come together as “one people under God.”

July/August Issue

New Proof That Child Sponsorship Really Works

If you sponsor a child through one of the many Christian organizations that offer that option, you might have been met with cynical stares from skeptical friends who doubted it made any difference. Now, there’s proof it does.

An App to Redeem Your Commute

Can you plant a church with a smartphone? Ryan Sim has an app for that. It’s called Redeem the Commute ( and he’s hoping people will download it, share it with others, and eventually help plant a new church in Ajax, Ont.

All-Canadian Bible Resource Hits the Net

Reading the Bible and having a regular devotional time just got easier. Scripture Union’s new bilingual interactive bible reading guide is now available online. Powered by the Canadian Bible Society, the Story ( provides easy access to the chronological biblical narrative from the Old and New Testaments.

Christians Welcome Migrant Workers Through Concert

The annual arrival of international migrant workers into Canada’s farming communities is a dramatic change in the makeup of those communities. Social Media Ministry Energizes Back to God Ministries.

Apologetics by Blog

A group of Canadian bloggers has grouped together to form a blogging coalition to provide apologetics to a generation that lives online. The Canadian Apologetics Coalition (CAC) collaborates in writing, encouraging one another and promoting their respective work.

Social Media Ministry Energizes Back to God Ministries

Social media has ushered in a new phase of Back to God Ministries’ media ministry. Since its first radio broadcast from Chicago in 1939, Back to God Ministries International ( has been using media to share the gospel. That is the ministry’s mission – “To share the gospel in communities worldwide using radio, the Internet and other technology.”

May/June Issue

Canadians Teach Organic Farming With a Twist

Artemesia is a hardy plant with leaves that brew up a bitter-tasting tea with a powerful medicinal punch. It is just one of the leafy greens on Dale Bolton’s fab 50 list of plants that grow easily in African communities, and combine solid nutritional and medicinal values.

Saskatoon Group Fights Human Trafficking

A new multi-denominational organization in Saskatoon is helping the Church understand the local and worldwide epidemic of human trafficking – and offering Christians an opportunity to take action.

Canadian-Supported Clinic in Mali Carries on Despite Fighting

Despite ongoing battles in the northern region of Mali, work at a small Canadian-funded clinic in the opposite end of the country goes on unhindered. “Thankfully[the fighting] has not affected Koura at all,” says John Telgmann, a Canadian accountant who helped establish theKoura Centre de Santé Confessionnel.

Thirty More Semons You'd Never Hear in Church

Is your idea of a radical sermon a message that has two points instead of three? Geez magazine (, a publication that describes itself as “holy mischief in an age of fast faith,” wants to push the envelope on preaching with a contest called “30 More Sermons You’d Never Hear in Church.”

Canada Plays Role in Pastor's Training Centre

The cheering reverberated off the tin walls of the small church in one of Mombasa’s slums. Eighty leaders of Associated Gospel Churches (AGC) of Kenya had gathered to celebrate the establishment of a pastors’ training centre. The centre, opened in February, is the first of three planned to open this year based on an agreement between AGC-Canada (, AGC-Kenya and the Pan African School of Theology (PAST) (

Finding Mental Health Help

Mental Health Week is held each May to encourage people from all walks of life to learn, talk, reflect, and engage with others on all issues relating to mental health. Faith Today asked some trusted experts about how to start the process of finding help and about the value of Christian-informed therapy.

March/April Issue

New Bible Miniseries Creates Excitement in Canada

Thanks to a massive international effort, including work by Canadian Evangelicals, a new five-part miniseries called simply The Bible will be released this spring.

Two Canadian Ministries Team Up for E-book About the Bible

When Annabel Robinson taught classics at the University of Regina, she never thought an assignment comparing the creation account in Greek literature with other creation accounts would stump a student.

A Church in Sarnia Fights for Right to Help Homeless

A church’s effort to launch a homeless shelter could affect the ability of churches nationally to assist those in need, according to Don Hutchinson, vice-president and general legal counsel for the EFC.

Unlikely Theological Library Grows

An office suite in a building scheduled for renovation – in an area of Hamilton, Ont., that’s only beginning to show signs of growth – seems an unlikely place for a theological library. But it’s here that The Scaffold, a collaborative library-workspace focused on theological and missional resources, is taking shape.

Conference Addresses Abuse of Missionary Kids at Boarding Schools

Surviving a childhood of abuse at the hands of missionaries at a boarding school in West Africa has led to an unexpected journey for Beverly Shellrude Thompson. Facing the facts of her abuse and how it damaged her life gave her the courage to join with other former missionary kids (MKs) in exposing perpetrators and calling for change.

Churches Pick Up the Hemorrhaging Faith Challenge

Churches across the country have picked up the challenge presented by Hemorrhaging Faith: Why and When Canadian Young Adults Are Leaving, Staying and Returning to Church.

Manitoba Musician Balances Ministry and Music

Recording artist and youth pastor Jordan Janzen is blurring the lines between ministry and music, reaching teens who wouldn’t normally attend church. As the lead singer of Christian rock band The Color, Janzen has toured the country overseeing mosh pits and shredding guitars, or picking up awards like Best Song and New Artist of the Year at the GMA Covenant Awards last fall.

January/February Issue

Urbana Missions Conference Changes Young Lives

Urbana, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship’s (IVCF) student mission conference that takes place every three years, closed this year how it began years ago – with a strong Canadian touch. Geri Rodman, president of IVCF Canada, offered the closing address to a crowd of thousands, including more than 2,200 Canadians who travelled to St. Louis, Missouri for the conference, which took place from Dec. 27 to 31.

Contest to Send Canadians to Visit Missionaries

LoveGlobal, a Canadian online fundraising platform for missionaries, along with Missions Fest Vancouver, are holding a Win a Trip to Meet Your Missionary Contest, an opportunity for Canadian supporters of LoveGlobal missionaries to win a trip to visit and work alongside a missionary they support for one week.

Job's Blues: Old Story in Brand New Format

Sometimes an idea grabs hold of you and just doesn’t let go. That is what happened when R. William Muir heard a 12-part sermon series on the Book of Job at Emmanuel (Crossroads) Baptist Church in Victoria, B.C., in 1976. “I realized then,” he says, “that I wanted to do something creative” with Job’s story.

Honduran First Lady Visits Canadian Church Group

A small group of missions-minded Christians from Southern Ontario has caught the attention of the Honduran first lady, Her Excellency Rosa Elena Bonilla de Lobo. Bonilla de Lobo visited Ontario in September to attend the annual fundraising banquet held by the Carpenteros – a mission group from Calvary Christian Reformed Church in Flamborough, Ont., which has served the poor in Honduras since 2001. After carrying out several disaster relief missions in the Central American country, the Carpenteros wanted to shift to more long-term work based on partnerships with the people they were helping.

Listening Ministry Helps Bring Healing

What do you say when a woman tells you her husband has just taken his life? Nothing, advises Murray O’Coin, a Mohawk and ministry leader on the Tyendinaga Reservation just outside Ottawa. “When you sit in silence for 15 minutes, it brings trust. It leads to them pouring out what is really on their hearts. It’s a real gift,” says O’Coin.

Church-Run Soup Lunch Brings a Town Together

A diverse group of churches in Port Perry, Ont., have teamed up with adults with special needs to provide a free weekly community lunch held at a local downtown church. Special needs adults learn hospitality and food preparation skills while they prepare and serve lunch to attendees, and customers and hosts alike make and strengthen connections in their community. For six months a year, churches involved have a chance to interact with each other and neighbours.

Missionary Moves From Mango Trees to Tim Horton's

The Apple Blossom Trailer Park in Fredericton is a long way from Benin, West Africa. But when a 32-year-old missionary returned to this New Brunswick city from Benin, he applied what he learned as a missionary abroad to this park of approximately 150 people.