Arrow Leadership celebrates 25 years of transforming leaders

Ministry has made leaders more "dangerous" for years


Pushing back against the ban

Voices of the Nations wins their right to sing worship songs publicly in Toronto square.


Prison ministry offers hope to inmates

Ministry has grown in impact and technology



A lively collection of short "Good News" items that reflects how God is at work in the Church in Canada, both in formal ministry and in daily life.

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2016 Articles

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Nov/Dec Issue

Arrow leadership celebrates 25 years of transforming leaders

Media campaign targets skeptics (Nov/Dec 2016)

29-week RZIM campaign aims to engage and challenge

It's lonely out there on university campuses (Nov/Dec 2016)

Reminding Canadians why faith matters

Think tank collects stories for Canada's 150th birthday (Nov/Dec 2016)

RSVP DVD encourages women to faith

Alberta-based RSVP Ministries has a new DVD series that is 100 per cent Canadian made. (Nov/Dec 2016)

New Alpha film series built with Canadian content

Canadians were key players, as producers and funders, in the recent update of the Alpha film series (Nov/Dec 2016)

Pilgrimage ministry teaches spiritual disciplines in Quebec

Ancient tradition attracts new generation (Nov/Dec 2016)

Graffiti artist puts his faith on walls

Evond Blake and his anointing of public space (Nov/Dec 2016)

Sept/Oct Issue

Garden for Refugees

Newcomers join in the harvest(Nov/Dec 2016)

Network tries to reduce isolation among Christian academics

It's lonely out there on university campuses (Nov/Dec 2016)

EmbraceRwanda empowers women out of economic and spiritual poverty

Hilary King first embraced Rwanda ten years ago when she saw a premature boy in his hospital's intensive care unit(Sept/Oct 2016)

Abbotsford museum celebrates Mennonite history

A new museum commemorates the history of one of the most influential groups in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia (Sept/Oct 2016)

Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation grows with renewed speed

The Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation (CSCA) recently received a grant from the Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc. to help grow its number of chapters across Canada (Sept/Oct 2016)

Syrian refugees aided by the Welcome Project

Government-sponsored refugees in hotels receive loving welcome (Sept/Oct 2016)

July/Aug Issue

Restore your soul with colouring

Christians have broken into the colouring scene(July/Aug 2016)

A creative life for youth

Youth ministry encourages discovery and creativity during difficult times (July/Aug 2016)

It's lonely out there on university campuses

Calgary theatre founder puts her faith into art(July/Aug 2016)

New radio ministry targets secular stations

Radio show offers answers to big life questions (July/Aug 2016)

Anglicans and Lutherans make progress on co-operation

Report confirms groups are the closest of cousins(July/Aug 2016)

Regina churches offer courses on understanding Islam

Focus is on prayer (July/Aug 2016)

May/Jun Issue

March for Life seeks biggest crowd for 19th year

Record participation expected (May/Jun 2016)

Prison ministry offers hope to inmates

Ministry has grown in impact and technology (May/Jun 2016) linking potential employees with Christian organizations

Experienced recruiter tries to make things easier for organizations and job seekers (May/Jun 2016)

Diversity, the arts and used books a winning combination in Winnipeg

Winnipeg's Sam's Place brings together faith, the arts and community (May/Jun 2016)

Centre for post-Christendom studies launches

Centre will help academics and laypeople find a way forward in challenging times (May/Jun 2016)

Alpha takes off in Quebec

Dramatic increase in Alpha courses (May/Jun 2016)

Mar/Apr Issue

Radio executives band together to increase impact

New organization will serve Canadian Christian radio (Mar/Apr 2016)

New anthology focuses on First Nations Christian voices

First Nations Christian Writers is a newly released anthology from Goldrock Press (Mar/Apr 2016)

Speaking for the voiceless

Reah International encourages Christians in North Korea (Mar/Apr 2016)

Anglican training school could return to Nunavut

School reopens in new location with new curriculum (Mar/Apr 2016)

Pushing back against ban

Voices of the Nations wins their right to sing worship songs publicly in Toronto square (Mar/Apr 2016)

Jan/Feb Issue

Refugee Sponsorship Spikes in Wake of Syrian Crisis

Canadian churches step up to meet need. (Jan/Feb 2016)

Faith Film Purely Canadian

The story may be set in Michigan, but everything else is Canadian. (Jan/Feb 2016)

Waiting on justice

Art helps grieving family find forgiveness (Jan/Feb 2016)

ISMC reaches out to international students

Students find companionship - and sometimes Christ (Jan/Feb 2016)

Reaching victims of human trafficking

Church shines light on huge problem (Jan/Feb 2016)

Church holds ellipticalathon in support of Iraqi refugee family

North Burlington Baptist Church (NBBC) held an ellipticalathon at a health club to raise funds to bring a sponsored Iraqi refugee family, includ- ing an 11-year-old girl with lung cancer, to Canada. (Jan/Feb 2016)

From attempted suicide to baptism in Christ

Samaritan's Purse offers Christ's compassion to hurting veterans (Jan/Feb 2016)