Dr. James A. Beverley, professor of Christian thought and ethics at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, examines religious controversies, new religious groups and more. Faith Today's longest-running column series.

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To Death and Back

Can near-death experiences tell us anything about heaven? (Nov/Dec 2015)

Clear on Scientology

More people are learning the truth behind the religion founded in the 1950s by L. Ron Hubbard (Sept/Oct 2015)

Misrepresenting Jesus and Islam

Study calls out errors in Reza Aslan's research (Jul/Aug 2015)

Do you believe it?

Truth and partial truth have consequences (May/Jun 2015)

From Swedenborg to Tolle

Four insights on Christian responses to New Age spirituality (Mar/Apr 2015)

Four JWs you should know

Help for the Jehovah’s Witnesses who may knock at your door. (Jan/Feb 2015)



Understanding the Islamic State

Not since 9/11 have so many people been so preoccupied with Islamic terrorism. What happened? (Nov/Dec 2014)

Miracles? Why not?

Why it can make more sense to believe miracles than to be sceptical. (Sep/Oct 2014)

Case Will Shake Scientology

Leader of popular religious group could face grilling in court. (Jul/Aug 2014)

Rethinking Christian Science

What’s good about the religious group founded by Mary Baker Eddy? (May/Jun 2014)

Clarity on Hinduism

The longings expressed in the Hindu religion can be truly satisfied in Christ. (Mar/Apr 2014)

Looking For Signs of God

What can we find in creation, history, Scripture and human experience? (Jan/Feb 2014)


Re-examining a Holy Book

Will Muslims be open new research? (Nov/Dec 2013)

Bestseller on Jesus Falls Short

A Muslim scholar interested in Jesus is news, but this new book is wrecked by intellectual bias. (Sep/Oct 2013)

The Book

Three concrete reasons to have the Bible as our spiritual authority. (Jul/Aug 2013)

The Contours of Faith

Let’s rest our faith on what we see, and not be put off by what others can’t. (May/Jun 2013)

Newtown Darkness and Easter Light

Jesus enables the miracle of facing evil with hope. (Mar/Apr 2013)

Warring Over the Spirit

We need deeper discernment around charismatic controveries. (Jan/Feb 2013)


After Sun Myung Moon

Can the Unification Church be rescued? Not unless God intervenes in miraculous ways. (Nov/Dec 2012)

The 2012 Prophecy

What are Christians to make of New Age claims the world will end in December? (Sep/Oct 2012)

Questions for Mormonism

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may be making headlines, but serious problems remain. (Jul/Aug 2012)

Dinner With the High Priest

The head of the Church of Satan says he doesn’t believe in Satan. (May/Jun 2012)

Cultic Corrections

God can bring healing even in the darkest places, as changes in The Family International show. (Mar/Apr 2012)

Good News and Bad News

Defending the Good News is going remarkably well. (Jan/Feb 2012)


No Avoiding Hellgate Controversy

The best-selling book Love Wins by Rob Bell shows how compassion without careful research can be harmful. (Nov/Dec 2011)

The Norwegian Terrorist

The man who gunned down so many people in July claimed to be defending Christian Europe. What are we to make of this? (Sep/Oct 2011)

End of the World, Again

Some prominent religious leaders continue to do harm with predictions about the future. (Jul/Aug 2011)

Faith Crisis in Public

When a Christian talk show host goes public with his doubts, it can get people thinking. (May/Jun 2011)

Happy Birthday, KJV 1611

A Bible translation that changed the world. (Mar/Apr 2011)

Rethinking the Crusades

Relations between Muslims and Christians today are still affected by events that happened nine centuries ago. (Jan/Feb 2011)