Dr. James A. Beverley, professor of Christian thought and ethics at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, examines religious controversies, new religious groups and more. Faith Today's longest-running column series.

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Why evil?

Help to make sense of tragedy (Nov/Dec 2017)

Is this Korean church a cult?

Investigating the World Mission Society Church of God (Sept/Oct 2017)

You can't please everyone

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church has his hands full (Jul/Aug 2017)

Such a time as this

An important moment for interfaith discussion in Canada (May/Jun 2017)

The Great Good Thing

A new classic in spiritual autobiography (Mar/Apr 2017)

Trump and prophecy

Amazing things have been said about the U.S. president (Jan/Feb 2017)


Good and bad doubts

Some kinds of unbelief need to increase (Sept/Oct 2016)

Buddhism: a popular mistake

Should we be concerned about such a nice religion? (Jul/Aug 2016)

Helping someone in cult land

What to do when a child or friend is involved in a false religion (May/Jun 2016)

The authority of the pope

What do Catholics believe? What should other Christians think? (Mar/Apr 2016)

The Study Quran

What difference will a million words of commentary and a new translation make? (Jan/Feb 2016)