Bruce J. Clemenger, president of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and publisher of Faith Today, comments on major Canadian trends and issues related to ministry and public policy.

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Is faith important in Canada?

More acknowledgment is needed in current public discourse (Nov/Dec 2017)

Church is not a private club

How should society recognize the uniqueness of religious freedom? (Sept/Oct 2017)

A birthday gift for Canada

What better than a fully engaged evangelical church? (Jul/Aug 2017)

The faith that propels us outward

So that we can bless Canada in the name of Jesus (May/Jun 2017)

Tolerance and respect

Two key principles that can help us live with our differences (Mar/Apr 2017)

Two dimensions of religious freedom

We strengthen society when we help religious agnostics realize they aren't neutral (Jan/Feb 2017)


Too many victims

Child neglect and the response of our churches (Nov/Dec 2016)

Not the time for resignation

The legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide leaves us much more work to do (Sept/Oct 2016)

Do no harm

Will medical professionals really be required to kill (Jul/Aug 2016)

Loving our dying neighbours

Let's not make a hasty decision about legalizing the hastening of death  (May/Jun 2016)

We don't seek to impose our morality

Christians want the best for the land  (Mar/Apr 2016)

From sanctity of human life to individual autonomy

Understanding how Canada has changed can help us in the debate on euthanasia  (Jan/Feb 2016)