When Church Gets Messy

Scissors, construction paper and glue, parents and children, community and celebration. They are all key parts of the Messy Church experience.


Creative Arts Conference Grows

A 100% increase in attendance from last year’s Create Conference, an Ontario event encouraging excellence in video, design and communication, has co-ordinator Adam Fry “really excited about where this is going.”


Christian Grocers Bring Food North

“I think that because we’re men of faith, this isn’t just a business. We want to serve people. And we want to serve God with this business,” says David Stezenko, co-owner – along with his brother Dan Stezenko – of Quality Market, an award-winning independent grocery store in Thunder Bay, Ont. So when David, a member of Redwood Park Alliance Church, learned of the nutrition-related health problems in remote northern communities, he wanted to do something.


Eleven Kids, Five Bucks and One Great Choir

Denise Gillard says she founded the Toronto Children’s Concert Choir and Performing Arts Company (TC3) in 2001 with “Eleven kids and five bucks.” Eleven years later the choir has grown from 11 performers to 50 members. The African-Canadian youth, ages 7-18, perform spirituals, jazz, hip hop, drums, drama and dance.



A lively collection of short "Good News" items that reflects how God is at work in the Church in Canada, both in formal ministry and in daily life.

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November/December Issue

Parents Forgive Their Child's Abductor

The September kidnapping - and then amazing return - of Kienan Hebert shocked Canadians. The ability of his evangelical parents to forgive their son's abductor may provide yet another surprise.

Canadian Label Brings Fresh Music to the World

Nehemiah Records Hip Hop Crew 'Immigration Click.'

Mennonite Cookbook Sells Like Hotcakes

Barely a month after its release, Mennonite Girls Can Cook (Herald Press, 2011) had sold 6,400 copies, was in its second printing and attracting growing media attention.

Generations Discipleship School Helps Youth Mature into Adult Faith

It was a wearying pattern, one Pastor Rick Barker was sick of seeing: vibrant youth graduating from high school and, I simultaneously, out of their Christian faith.

Recovery Church Preaches Message of Hope to Recovering Adults

When staff at Christian Life Assembly in Langley, B.C., decided to take a hiatus from their Sunday evening service two years ago, little did they know they would birth a new and unique church in the process: a recovery church.

September/October Issue

Unlikely Hero Changes Lives in Alberta

This fall a 10-year-old boy from Airdrie, Alta., will be joined by hundreds of schools, corporate sponsors and volunteers as he prepares to bring hope to street children at Christmas.

New Worship School Has Special Focus

After 18 years as an assistant professor of music and the composer-in-residence at North Central University (NCU) Lin Minneapolis, Minn., David Peddefelt what he calls a 'holy discontent' with the traditional model of education.

Christian Film Sparks Anti-Suicide Movement in Prince Albert

A simple screening of a Christian film about youth suicide has sparked a movement in northern Saskatchewan that just might save the lives of some vulnerable teens.

Canadian Mission Heads North

Mission Aviation Fellowship Canada (MAFC) is best known for facilitating and delivering critical aid to some of the most isolated and impoverished communities in nations like Haiti, Angola and Papua New Guinea. Their attention has now also turned toward those in need right in their own backyard: Aboriginal communities in Northern Manitoba and Ontario.

Food Allergies Can Hinder Communion

For Kathy Brooker of Stouffville, Ont., a sensitivity to gluten in food products made taking communion at church a problem, before she received treatment for food allergies.

Does Hydro Have Spiritual Implications?

Considering the spiritual implications of hydro is not likely something most of us have done. But a new website is hoping to change that.

July/August Issue

Former CFL Player Starts New Game in Alberta

Why is a charismatic 35-year-old American athlete hanging around schools in Calgary? For Eric Rid-dick, it's all about love. The love of football brought him to Canada to play for three years in the Canadian Football League; love for the Canadian he married kept him in Canada, and love for students will keep him involved in Christian ministry in Calgary for the foreseeable future.

Great Flicks to Watch This Summer

Which five films from the past 30 years do you think every Christian should watch this summer? Faith Today asked film critic Bruce Soderholm of St. Catharines, Ont., for his list.

Sparrow's Hope Creates Home for Abused Women

Sparrow's Hope is a temporary, safe place for women and children fleeing abusive situations, opened by Youth for Christ in Westlock, Alta.

Churches Join Forces to Fight Homelessness in Calgary

Volunteers built a playground at Acadia Place for children living at the building In fall 2010. Acadia Place is an affordable housing complex for families in southeast Calgary.

Former Pro Boarder Heads Home to Quebec

When Paul Hardy, a former professional snowboarder and surfer, became a Christian in 2000, the one thing he asked of God was not to send him home.

May/June Issue

Painting Big Skies

In December 800 street people from Vancouver's downtown eastside experienced love through the lens of 30 gifted photographers. Help Portrait (HP) is an international coalition of photographers desiring to “picture the world a better place.”

Training for Community Outreach

Christian colleges often strive to combine courses that are theologically sound with practical training proven to equip students for work in the real world.

Sexual Healing Ministry for Christian Youth

Raised by a father who battled a sexual addiction, Raena Peters of Winnipeg, Man., knows what it's like to feel alone in a church largely silent on sensitive issues.

Funky Clothes Fund Kingdom Work

“I never really had a passion for designing clothes,” says Jared Henriques, the 19-year-old founder of Pocket Change Apparel, a new Canadian snow and skate clothing company. Henriques is a business student at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) in Oshawa, Ont., who wanted a way to donate funds to Compassion International.

Helping Burmese Refugee Camps

ndiana Cungcin, pastor of City Church in Winnipeg, visited four Burmese refugee camps along the Burma/Thailand border in November. Moved by the needs he encountered, Cungcin is responding. Once a refugee himself, Cungcin leads a ministry to immigrants and is head of a network of Chin churches in Canada.

Theological Education for Aboriginal People

Canadian Evangelicals are helping build an innovative theological education program for aboriginal students in North America.

March/April Issue

Picturing the World a Better Place

In December 800 street people from Vancouver's downtown eastside experienced love through the lens of 30 gifted photographers. Help Portrait (HP) is an international coalition of photographers desiring to “picture the world a better place.”

Christian College Offers Video Conference Education

Working as an emergency social worker in a remote First Nations community on the shore of hudson Bay, cameron Donaldson is more than 2,000 kilometres away from providence college and Seminary in Otterburne, Man.

Mobile Meat Canner Fills

This spring more than 50,000 cans of meat will be filled by church volunteers in southwestern Ontario seeking to feed the hungry.

Raising the Roof for Missions

Six months of the year, you might find Marvin Srigley on a roof in St. Catharines, Ont., doing an unusual sort of fundraising work. The rest of the year, you could just as easily find him in Guatemala building a church, in Kenya constructing a children's home, or erecting a school in Peru.

Hamilton Congregations Greening

Where can an evangelical church turn for practical help in reducing its negative impact on the environment and in safeguarding the resources of God's creation for future generations?

January/February Issue

Fair Opens Kids to New Forum of Worship

Children lead worship using a combination of wooden dowels and hand movements at the Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary and Middle Schools chapel.

Promise Keepers Bridges Generations

Caleb Chatterton, 17, didn't know what to expect from the Promise Keepers (PK)conference he attended with his father last fall in Mississauga. His dad didn't tell him much about PK Canada other than it involved men listening and worshipping together. Chatterton enjoyed the experience, even though he “was the youngest of the bunch.

Used Clothing Leads to New Faith

Lona Quenneville loves clothes, kids and shopping. With two young children, she knows the cost of kids'clothes. In 2007 Quennevillewas studying The Purpose Driven Church with bethel baptist Church in Strathroy, Ont. Dreaming about a project for the community, one question stood out in her mind: How do low-income families afford clothing for their growing kids?

Massive Online Bible Game for Tweens

In the beginning, Yahweh planted a seed in the middle of the sky and Light City was born. In Light City, kids are called Yaheroes because they are heroes of Yahweh and His Word. They are actually, of course, kids who are playing a massive online Bible-based game, which the creators say is the first of its kind.

More Than a Soup Kitchen

Winnipeg's agape Table is more than just a soup kitchen. Offering eggs, turkey bacon, fresh strawberries, mashed potatoes with the skin on, and sliced tomatoes and oranges for a dollar, it considers itself more of a community nutrition centre.

Original Street Language Bible Turns 400

Fight the good fight. The powers that be. Gave up the ghost. These well-known phrases share a common, and perhaps surprising, source. All of them are found in the King James Version of the Bible.