Planting Season in Canada

Digging deep into church planting in three Canadian cities.

Evangelical in Quebec

What's that like?


An interview and book excerpt from theologian J. I. Packer.

Mean Streets

After dark in Toronto, Winnipeg & Vancouver.

Social Media for Social Good

How ministries are building their followings in the Twitterverse.

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In the Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

Why Small Groups Matter

Most Canadians who read their Bibles several times a week also regularly meet with others to discuss it, according to the Canadian Bible Engagement Study. Here’s why small groups matter and a look inside how many groups work.

New on the blog

Faith Today's New Look

What you can expect from the new and improved Faith Today.

In the Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

When Small Groups Take on a Life of Their Own

In 2004, John Pritchard had a midlife crisis of sorts. A pastor with 27 years’ experience under his belt, he could feel a growing discontent with church as we do it in North America and was “seriously rethinking church.” He resigned his position and took his family off to South Africa, in search of a different vision.

In the Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

The Walking Wounded

How our soldiers struggle with war trauma and what the Church can do.

In the Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

Evangelicals and the Pope

Evangelicals and Catholics have sometimes had an uneasy relationship. Does a popular new pope change all that?

In The Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

Communion Made Beautiful

In churches across Canada, making the elements of communion is an act of love and ministry.

In the Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

Only One Per Cent?

Have you heard this statistic? “Less than 1% of Quebecers are Christian.” Is it believable?

In the Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

Building Bridges

I was sweating the first time I set eyes on Reg Petersen, retired businessman, philanthropist, former nursing home mogul and founder of Bridgeway Foundation, the sought-after prom date of every Canadian Christian organization trying to make ends meet.

In the Jul/Aug 2014 Issue

The Faith Today Interview: Iwan Russell-Jones

What's good and bad in Christian art? Iwan Russell-Jones holds the Eugene and Jan Peterson chair in theology and the arts at Regent College in Vancouver, B.C. He's also an award-winning filmmaker, theologian and writer.

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2014 Jul/Aug Issue


Prostitution Law Unveiled

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Quebec Legalizes Euthanasia

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Major Study on Bible Engagement Released

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May/Jun 2014

Imagine a small country somewhere between Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. Would such a country be likely to invite contemporary Christian singer Michael W. Smith to perform at a concert held under the patronage of a government minister?


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A loose affiliation of Christians through the Military Christian Fellowship of Canada (MCF) continues to provide community and an opportunity for churches to connect with soldiers.


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Micallef credits his upbringing in the Church, his family and his faith...


Q & A With James Kim

Pioneers Canada is a church-planting mission organization.