Crucial Conversations

What they are, how to have them and why they matter so very much

Ethics and euthanasia

Margaret Somerville on Canada's seismic shift.

Apologetics without apology

A way forward for every Christian to talk about their faith.

War and peace and the Christian way

What's a Christian to think in times like these?

How to disagree graciously

Holding on to grace and truth when issues threaten to break us apart.

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In the Jul/Aug 2015 Issue

The FT Interview With Reg Bibby

Reginald Bibby, sometimes affectionately known as "Bad News Bibby," is a University of Lethbridge social trends analyst well known for his work on charting the rise, the fall – and apparently the rise again – of religion in Canada.

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The Silver Lining

The bad news is that the Canadian Bible Engagement Study tells us that Canadians aren't engaging the Bible as much as we would like. The good news is that it tells us what works to change that.

In the Jul/Aug 2015 Issue

Crucial Conversations

What they are, how to have them and why they matter so very much

In the Jul/Aug 2015 Issue

After the Massacre in Kenya

A Canadian missionary reports on the aftermath of the April attack at Garissa University College

In the Jul/Aug 2015 Issue

Quebec’s Very Own Huge and Global Church

Nouvelle Vie bucks the trends and stretches around the world

In the Jul/Aug 2015 issue

The Joy of Missing Out

This summer, here’s how to take a technology break for your spirit’s sake

In the Jul/Aug 2015 Issue

Responding to the Nepal Earthquakes

There’s a young and enthusiastic indigenous church in this damaged country

2015 Jul/Aug Issue


Webinar tackles religious freedom

EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger discusses the topic of religious freedom.

Helping refugees from the Middle East

Leaders of EFC affiliates are engaged in a co-operative response to the refugee crisis in the Middle East

Evangelicals dialogue with Roman Catholics

Local church and ministry leaders, including Glenn Smith of Christian Direction, spoke about community-focused collaborative efforts.

Supporting Trinity Western in Ontario court

The case involved a law school proposed by Trinity Western University, an EFC affiliate.

Education forum meets

EFC Vice-President Aileen Van Ginkel attended a meeting of the leaders of Canada’s Christian post-secondary schools in Winnipeg

Truth and reconciliation

EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger and Policy Analyst Julia Beazley attended the closing event meetings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.





What the Duggar Abuse Scandal Teaches Us

This spring we watched the bizarre spectacle of some Christians defending the Duggar parents’ decision


Solar First for Nipawin

An array of solar panels longer than five football fields will provide a small Bible college in northeast Saskatchewan with all the electrical power it needs. And pay for itself in a decade.


Faith Today's "Send a Student to Urbana" Contest Winner

Aug 6, 2015

In June Faith Today ran a contest, asking students to tell us why they wanted to attend Urbana 2015.


Bill Etzkorn in Siberia

At a remote Siberian village inaccessible by land and two days’ travel from the nearest pharmacy, Canadian doctor Bill Etzkorn (left) dispensed medicine in 2011 to heal Sergey (right), a retired trapper with bacterial conjunctivitis. Sergey also received Jesus as his Saviour.




Spruce Grove Alliance Church, AB

Jul/Aug 2014


Leading Requires Listening

Jeffrey P. Greenman is president and professor of theology and ethics at Regent College


Canada’s first online encyclopedia of Canadian Christian leaders

For Christian journalist Lloyd Mackey, retiring from his longtime position as a faith/political reporter on Parliament Hill marks a new chapter he hopes will have a lasting impact on the Canadian Christian community.


Stewarding Religious Freedom

While we invite others to follow Jesus, we must respect their God-given freedom to believe otherwise.


Truth and Reconciliation

Into the 1990s, Aboriginal children in Canada were removed from their homes


Stories Woven Together

Black-Mennonite interaction in Canada


Caring for the Global Poor

A businessperson’s response to billions of hurting people


Misplaced metaphors muddling mission

Is a Christian organization really just like a church or family?


From Swedenborg to Tolle

Four insights on Christian responses to New Age spirituality