Apologetics without apology

A way forward for every Christian to talk about their faith.

War and peace and the Christian way

What's a Christian to think in times like these?

How to disagree graciously

Holding on to grace and truth when issues threaten to break us apart.

Too busy to be faithful?

Technology impacts our spiritual lives in ways we can't imagine.

Why small groups matter

The smallest gatherings, the biggest growth?

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In the Jan/Feb 2015 Issue

The FT Interview with the Vicar of Baghdad

Andrew White is known as the Vicar of Baghdad. He has served St. George’s Anglican Church in Baghdad since 1998, offering him a frontline view of one of the most troubled regions in the world.

In the Jan/Feb 2015 Issue

Boldly stated

Codes of conduct and statements of faith can be guiding documents for Christian organizations – and provoke controversy. Here's why.

In the Jan/Feb 2015 Issue

Hamilton churches turn Steel City around

A network of churches working together helps transform Canada’s ninth largest city

In the Jan/Feb 2015 Issue

War and peace and the Christian way

Unending war and Islam’s advance. Civil unrest and horrific violence. New weaponry and disease. Christians in Europe in the 14th century experienced it all. Seven centuries later not much has changed, and we still struggle in our thinking around just war and pacifism.

In the Jan/Feb 2015 Issue

Joy in lament

Singing the Lord’s song in a strange land. How can lament help our worship?

In the Jan/Feb 2015 issue

Canada’s climate change evangelist

Katharine Hayhoe is one of the most prominent experts on climate change in North America. She's also Canadian – and an Evangelical


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Building exceptional community

Janet Nolan is CEO of Christian Horizons, which serve 1,500 people with disabilities and their families in Ontario.


For the Sake of Lament

Jan. 20, 2015

“Lament is a crying out – in the midst of a world tainted by sin, sorrow, pain and confusion – to a good God who has the power to change a given situation.”


Global village: Stories from Nigeria, Thailand and more

Jan/Feb 2015


Ministry in strip club opens doors

The focal point of the platform at Guelph, Ont.’s Church at The Manor is not an altar, but a stripper’s pole. Yet the protrusion poses no obstacle for Jack and Sharon Ninaber.




Spruce Grove Alliance Church, AB

Jul/Aug 2014


Funny and Christian at the same time

Bob Cates is a Canadian juggling champion – and a Christian. For the last 20 years he has worked as a full-time comedic performer. Cates was nominated for best variety act at the 2014 Canadian Comedy Awards.


In Defence of Shame

If we won’t blush, we won’t care.


Putting faith into action

Manitoba business student project reaches Uganda


Our big, big pornography problem

Avg. age of first exposure to pornography: 11 yrs old


Better late than never

The churches’ response to the mistreatment of Japanese Canadians


Four JWs you should know

When Jehovah's Witnesses come knocking


Making moral judgments

Will we all remain free to make countercultural, faith-based choices?


Why Sunday mornings have to change

I would change almost everything, if...