Apologetics without apology

A way forward for every Christian to talk about their faith.

War and peace and the Christian way

What's a Christian to think in times like these?

How to disagree graciously

Holding on to grace and truth when issues threaten to break us apart.

Too busy to be faithful?

Technology impacts our spiritual lives in ways we can't imagine.

Why small groups matter

The smallest gatherings, the biggest growth?

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In the Mar/Apr 2015 Issue

The FT Interview with Steve Bell

Steve Bell is a Canadian Christian music icon and co-owner of Winnipeg’s Signpost Music. He has 18 solo CDs under his belt, including Pilgrimage, his most recent collection celebrating 25 years of music making.

In the Mar/Apr 2015 Issue

Apologetics Without Apology

Andy Bannister, director and lead apologist for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Canada, offers a way forward for every Canadian Christian to talk about their faith – without apology

In the Mar/Apr 2015 Issue

Christian Radio Thriving

Canadian stations aimed at Christian listeners are overcoming financial and regulatory challenges

In the Mar/Apr 2015 Issue

Female Deans Shaping the Canadian Seminary Coast to Coast

The stories of three female deans who have found their calling

In the Mar/Apr 2015 issue

Seeking Kingdom Gold in the Yukon

Living and working in Canada’s North is the stuff of dreams and legends. The reality is harsh. And beautiful.

In the Mar/Apr 2015 Issue

The House that Redemption Built

Canada was shocked by the murders of five university students in an ordinary Calgary house last April. The house is ordinary no longer.


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Building exceptional community

Janet Nolan is CEO of Christian Horizons, which serve 1,500 people with disabilities and their families in Ontario.


The All-Consuming Concern of Engaging Canadians with the Bible

Mar. 17, 2015

Despite our high view of Scripture, Evangelicals are trending away from reading and reflecting on God’s Word.


Global village: Stories from Nigeria, Thailand and more

Jan/Feb 2015


Bye-Bye, Malaria, Says Canadian Christian

A village-by-village approach to eradicating malaria




Spruce Grove Alliance Church, AB

Jul/Aug 2014


Responding to Bondage

Things are black and white with 50 Shades of Grey


Filmmaker gives ancient tales a modern twist for young viewers

Paul Plett is filming a series of Kid Shorts films


Choosing Between Life and Death

How to promote the sanctity of human life after the Supreme Court decision on assisted suicide


Building a Better Lego Car

Mar/Apr 2015


Palliative Care

...a national palliative care strategy still does not exist...


When a Hippie Meets Jesus…

The Jesus People movement brought colour and challenge to the Church in the 1970s


To Judge, to Help

Can moral judgments actually help bring shalom?


From Swedenborg to Tolle

Four insights on Christian responses to New Age spirituality