How do we fight poverty?

"There need be no poor among you" (Deuteronomy 15:4)

In search of ... adequacy

Meeting the challenges of our time with intellectual rigour

Crucial conversations

What they are, how to have them and why they matter so very much

Ethics and euthanasia

Margaret Somerville on Canada's seismic shift

Apologetics without apology

A way forward for every Christian to talk about their faith

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Win a Free Retreat for Your Pastor

One winner in each province. Contest closes February 29, 2016.

In the Jan/Feb 2016 Issue

For the Love of the Church

MARK BUCHANAN writes a love letter to the Church, calling it – and himself – to a better place

In the Jan/Feb 2016 Issue

Gently into the Arms of Jesus

Palliative care, done well, leaves no need for doctor-assisted suicide

In the Jan/Feb 2016 Issue

Do You Want to Live Forever?

Contemplating death while caring for aging parents

In the Jan/Feb 2016 Issue

Responding to a Refugee Crisis in 1915

As our country responds to the Syrian refugee crisis, let’s examine how we treated the Armenians fleeing Turkey exactly a century ago

In the Jan/Feb 2016 Issue

How to Communicate with Your MP

A new government means new Members of Parliament – and a fresh opportunity to present what matters to you

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In the Jan/Feb 2016 Issue

The FT Interview: Danielle Strickland

DANIELLE STRICKLAND ( is a Canadian Salvation Army officer launching a social justice strategy for The Salvation Army in the U.S.

2015 Nov/Dec Issue


Equipping for political participation

The EFC published an election kit for the recent federal election, including fact sheets on key issues, questions to ask candidates and advice on church involvement in elections.

Submission on assisted suicide

The EFC’s submission to the Canadian Provincial-Territorial Expert Advisory Group is at

Euthanasia declaration

A declaration signed by Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders responded to the Supreme Court decision that decriminalized assisted suicide. You can add your signature.

Quebeckers launch leaders network

Leaders of 15 evangelical denominations officially launched a new network, the Réseau des Évangéliques du Québec.





Do you support young marriage?

Marrying young can solve more problems than it causes. It is a blessing.


Church turns to kickboxing, gaining outreach opportunities and funds for ministry

Community Life Wesleyan Church asked, "How can we fill our facility with life all day long?


Faith Today's "Send a Student to Urbana" Contest Winner

Aug 6, 2015

In June Faith Today ran a contest, asking students to tell us why they wanted to attend Urbana 2015.


Bill Etzkorn in Siberia

At a remote Siberian village, a Canadian doctor helped heal a retired trapper’s eyes – and his soul.




Spruce Grove Alliance Church, AB

Jul/Aug 2014


Keeping the main thing

Dave Wells superintends Canada’s largest evangelical denomination


Reconciliation event a success in Thunder Bay

The Walking Together conference explored the challenges put forth by justice Murray Sinclair, chair of Canada’s seven-year Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Sinclair famously said, "Reconciliation is about forging and maintaining respectful relationships. There are no shortcuts."


Dealing with Religious Differences

How can we talk about reasonable accommodation for religious symbols in Canadian society?


Helping refugees settle

Many Canadian church leaders are responding with action and compassion


In defence of the Jews

Canadian Evangelicals spoke out between the world wars


Caring for the Global Poor

A businessperson’s response to billions of hurting people


Celebrate grace

Let’s stop oversimplifying what religions teach


Clear on Scientology

More people are learning the truth behind this new religion