2016 Sep - Oct

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22 September, 2016
What we might not know about the Amazon

The Amazon basin, also known as the Green Window, is the hidden home to thousands of indigenous tribes and communities. The people there live in what could be deemed primitive conditions and extreme levels of poverty...

22 September, 2016
How is God at work in Vancouver?

[Editor’s note: this is an advance peek at an important article we’ll be formally publishing in our Nov/Dec issue.] Vancouver is rightly celebrated for being one of the most liveable urban regions in the world. Yet...

19 September, 2016
Why we did a story on Christians who swear

I felt a little bit like a little old lady (sorry little old ladies!). I sat in the front row of a Christian writers conference in the States, beside my friend Patricia Paddey. One of the speakers swore a bit of a blu...

13 September, 2016
How do we help those who are suffering? Join us for our next webinar

The other day I walked through our family room, spotted a book on grief, and flipped it over so I didn’t have to see the cover. It was part of my husband’s pile of books and materials in transit. These books live on t...