Magazines 2018 Jan - Feb 2018 Jan/Feb Table of Contents - Vol 36 No 1

2018 Jan/Feb Table of Contents - Vol 36 No 1

28 February 2018 , 2018 Jan - Feb

Reconciliation. What we need is a new story. A fresh beginning. Here is what we are called to do. And here is how we can do it

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FT interview: One on one with Christian ethicist Aimee Patterson 

Let the sermon be interrupted: The Church, First Nations and reconciliation. By Mark Buchanan

Journey of reconciliation: We can be better together. What are the first steps? By Cheryl Bear

Still reaching for reconciliation: A recent EFC-sponsored gathering of denominational representatives provokes reflection on indigenous relations. By Wendy Beauchemin Peterson

Living by scripture when society is anti-authority: What do we do when most people, including many Evangelicals, trust their own hearts above all? By Jo-Ann Badley

Would our neighbourhoods notice if we left? The Flourishing Congregations Institute probes what is working in Canadian congregations. By Joel Thiessen

Calling never retires: How to continue your calling even after retirement. By R. Paul Stevens

​How to become a disability-friendly church: Even if your church is small and has limited resources. By Stephen J. Bedard

In each issue

Behind the scenes: Can we talk? We need to make reconciliation a priority. By Karen Stiller and Bill Fledderus

Talking points: Letters to the editor, Milestones, New on our blog

Kingdom matters

  • New crisis line helps those facing end-of-life decisions
  • Inspiring ideas
  • Advocacy group pairs Lent with environmental stewardship
  • Winnipeg church turns freezing temperatures into outreach opportunity
  • Planned Ghanaian hospital has Canadian connections
  • Abbotsford recovery homes partner with churches to help men defeat addiction
  • Note worthy

At issue: Human trafficking. The EFC shares concerns with the United Nations

The gathering place: Competing views on state neutrality. Court decision may impact church and state collaboration. By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger

News from the EFC: Annual update on video. Laws protecting worship won’t be discarded. And more.

Question & answer: Tending to the leaders: Mark Peterkins is executive director of One Way Ministries in Ottawa. Its mission is "reaching the city by serving the leaders."

Go with God: A curious pattern. Why did Jesus ask so many questions? By columnist Carolyn Arends

Business matters: Our daily work in God’s master story. If we’re not a pastor or evangelist, does our work matter to God? By guest columnist Rebecca Pousette

History lesson: Trading places: Is Canada more religious than the U.S.? By columnist Kevin Flatt

Religion watch: An update on the creation debate: Diverse Christians unite in challenging atheistic evolution. By columnist James A. Beverley

Global village By columnist C. David Donaldson

  • Evangelicals visit Kosovo president
  • Christian appointed to cabinet in India
  • Pakistani leader sees failure to protect minorities
  • U.S. Calls Sudan to end church demolitions

Books & culture: Reviews

  • In Search of Ancient Roots By Kenneth J. Stewart
  • Growing Up to Get Along By Wayne Baxter 
  • The Qur’an in Context By Mark Robert Anderson 
  • Religion & Canadian Party Politics By David Rayside, Jerald Sabin and Paul E. J. Thomas 
  • Artwork by Janet Read
  • The Inconvenient Indian By Thomas King 

Christ & culture in Canada: How not to be wrong – again. We must each make decisions for ourselves, but not by ourselves. By columnist John G. Stackhouse, Jr.