Magazines 2018 Mar - Apr 2018 Mar/Apr Table of Contents - Vol 36 No 2

2018 Mar/Apr Table of Contents - Vol 36 No 2

30 April 2018 , 2018 Mar - Apr

The Healing Plate. Why food is central in Scripture, community & restoration

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FT interview: One on one with University of Toronto’s director of Indigenous initiatives Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo.

The healing plate: Food is central in Scripture, community and restoration. By Amy MacLachlan

Leadership lessons from the life of Jesus: A most “intriguing, otherworldly and ingenious approach” to politics. By Preston Manning

Three understandings of state neutrality: Why not force doctors, schools and charities to operate under current social values? By Bruce J. Clemenger

Your theology is changing – is that okay? The difference between maturing and copping out. By Rod Wilson

Why send children to a Christian camp? Camp is about more than just fun – camp changes lives!

In each issue

Behind the scenes: At the table: Breaking bread together fills more than our bellies. By Karen Stiller and Bill Fledderus

Talking points: Letters to the editor, Milestones, New on our blog

Kingdom matters

  • Canadians respond to Rohingya refugee crisis
  • With eyes to see
  • Inspiring ideas
  • Discovering opportunity
  • Pursuit School of Evangelism launches in B.C.
  • Special needs ministry at Centre Street Church
  • Escape if you can
  • Note worthy

At issue: Government grants

Question & answer: Educating for vocation

The gathering place: Making room in health care for minorities: An Ontario policy that requires doctors to violate their conscience is wrong and hurts our society. By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger

News from the EFC: Uniting Evangelicals.  A blow to conscience. And more.

Go with God: A convert’s conversion: The lifelong journey of following Christ. By columnist Carolyn Arends

History lesson: Mainline Evangelicals: Still part of the story. By columnist Kevin Flatt

Business matters: Lives transformed through job creation: Mennonite charity works to create business solutions to poverty. By guest columnist Mike Strathdee

Religion watch: Lightning-rod Peterson: What should Christians make of this Toronto psychologist? By columnist James A. Beverley

Global village By columnist C. David Donaldson

  • Egypt grants church permits
  • Annual research ranks persecution
    Puerto Rico churches help after hurricane
  • Tanzanian church calls out president

Books & culture:Reviews

  • (Re)union By Bruxy Cavey
  • In Other Worlds By John D. Wilson
  • So Shall We Love: Songs of Worship and Faith By Ali Matthews
  • The Turning Aside Edited by D. S. Martin
  • Artwork by Robert  McAffes
  • A Great Reckoning By Louise Penny

Christ & culture in Canada: Faithfulness is fruitfulness: We don’t have the option to withdraw into self-congratulatory faithfulness. By columnist John G. Stackhouse, Jr.