Magazines 2019 Sept - Oct 2019 Sept/Oct Table of Contents

2019 Sept/Oct Table of Contents

03 September 2019 , 2019 Sept - Oct

Multicultural Hospitality. Practical lessons from urban church planters.

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FT interview:  One on one with Marilyn Draper, assistant professor of practical theology at Tyndale University College & Seminary. 

You cannot start a Filipino church in Toronto...: Lessons we're learning on multicultural hospitality for Canadian churches today By Narry Santos with Timothy Tang

Practising the practices of my faith: "I have no memory of life without God and I believe this is because of my mother's singing." By Patricia Paddey 

A strange and painful grace: A pastor grapples with the harsh vocational realities of multiple deaths and funerals. By Peter Roebbelen

Canada and the Lausanne Global Workplace Forum: Transforming our work one step at a time. By Willy Kotiuga

Communal spirituality for churches and Christian non-profits. How can we make our organizations healthier? By Rod Wilson

Birdwatching and looking for God at work. By Darlene Pinter

In each issue

Learning as we go: Examples of the Holy Spirit leading believers to reach out

Talking points: Letters to the editor, Milestones, New audio podcasts

Cross connections: Seeking election wisdom. Doing our homework, including prayer, before voting. By David Guretzki​  (online Sept. 23)

By the numbers: Isolation and loneliness. Canadians fall into five groups, according to new study by Angus Reid Institute and Cardus. 

Kingdom matters

  • The purposeful poets
  • Hotline launches to help end human trafficking 
  • Social enterprise meets addiction recovery in Ottawa (online Oct. 7) 
  • Supporting pastors' wives living in rural North America
  • Note worthy
  • Bowling alley provides unique church space

At issue: Civic engagement. History offers many examples of cultural and societal changes that began with one person, or a small group of like-minded people, moved by their beliefs and convictions to make the world a more compassionate, just and loving place.

The gathering place: In the midst of gods and idols. Honouring the Lord our God in 21st-century Canada. By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger (online Sept. 30)

News from the EFC: Interfaith conference videos now available. Essay and video contest for young adults.  EFC Presidents Day. Our Roman Catholic Neighbours. Contact your MP with confidence. 

Church in community: Super Bowl Sunday in church 

Go with God: Clearing the air. The essential practice of keeping short accounts By columnist Carolyn Arends  (online Oct. 21)

History lesson: Mission to postwar Germany. The gospel amid the ruins By columnist Kevin Flatt

Religion watch: Celebrity apostasy. When famous Christians renounce the faith. By columnist James A. Beverley 

Global village By columnist C. David Donaldson

  • IJM Bolivia marks 150th conviction
  • Gender in religious persecution
  • Korean fights trafficking

Books & culture: Reviews (online Oct. 14)

  • Your Future Self Will Thank You: Secrets to Self-Control from the Bible and Brain Science By Paul Boge
  • The Development Trap: How Thinking Big Fails the Poor By Adam D. Kiš
  • Good News Church: Celebrating the Legacy of Harold Percy By Editors John Bowen and Michael Knowles
  • Surprised by Paradox: The Promise of "And" in an "Either-Or" World. By Jen Pollock Michel
  • Artwork by Gene Tempelmeyer
  • The Boat People: A Novel. By Sharon Bala

Christ & culture in Canada: What do we need from our pastors? On the need to narrow the focus of today's church leaders. By columnist John G. Stackhouse, Jr.  (online Oct. 28)