American and Canadian Evangelicals

Are we really that different?

Being, doing, having

The strange and beguiling complexities of money

Dear Church

A love letter calling the disillusioned to a better place

How do we fight poverty?

"There need be no poor among you" (Deuteronomy 15:4)

In search of ... adequacy

Meeting the challenges of our time with intellectual rigour

In the Sep/Oct 2016 Issue

Don’t Turn Away From Suffering

What we learn as we walk with people in distress

In the Sep/Oct 2016 Issue

Foul Mouthed and Faithful

Why are Christians swearing so much lately?

It was three separate incidents over a period of as many weeks that persuaded me swearing is no longer the taboo it once was for Evangelicals. Three distinct gatherings of Christians during which casual profanity presented on the lips of fellow believers.

In the Sep/Oct 2016 Issue

The Search Is On

Finding a new pastor for your church can be a daunting prospect. A search committee is usually quickly formed, made up of enthusiastic members of the congregation, but after weeks of long meetings and stale coffee even the most ardent committee members can grow weary. Here’s a Faith Today guide to forming an effective search committee and helping them through the process.

In the Sep/Oct 2016 Issue

The Church and the Academy - An essential partnership

Few things are as crucial to the future of the Church in Canada as Christian higher education – colleges, universities and seminaries that do their work in intentional alignment with the mission of God in the world.

In the Sep/Oct 2016 Issue

What Churches Are Learning as They Sponsor Refugees

Thousands of Canadian churches responded to the plight of Syrian refugees by becoming private sponsors for the first time. Here are three stories.

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In the Sep/Oct 2016 Issue

The FT Interview: Gordon T. Smith

GORDON T. SMITH is president of Ambrose University in Calgary. He is a highly regarded thinker and speaker on the changing culture in which the Church finds itself. He spoke to Faith Today about the questions we need to ask about the boundary markers between us and the world, what we can learn from the next generation of Evangelicals, and what it means to be the Church in exile – right here in Canada.




The world is safe. It really is.

The good news is much better than the bad.


Prison ministry offers hope to inmates

Ministry has grown in impact and technology


More Aid Needed for South Sudan

May/Jun 2016

South Sudan is facing dire food shortages according to a recent United Nations report. Nearly 2.8 million people, a quarter of the country’s population, face food insecurity after the past three years of civil war.


Nepal One Year Later

Apr 26, 2016

Rebuilding after tragedy has not been an easy journey for the country of Nepal.




Spruce Grove Alliance Church, AB

Jul/Aug 2014


Keeping the main thing

Dave Wells superintends Canada’s largest evangelical denomination


Reconciliation event a success in Thunder Bay

The Walking Together conference explored the challenges put forth by justice Murray Sinclair, chair of Canada’s seven-year Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Sinclair famously said, "Reconciliation is about forging and maintaining respectful relationships. There are no shortcuts."


Dealing with Religious Differences

How can we talk about reasonable accommodation for religious symbols in Canadian society?


Helping refugees settle

Many Canadian church leaders are responding with action and compassion


In defence of the Jews

Canadian Evangelicals spoke out between the world wars


Caring for the Global Poor

A businessperson’s response to billions of hurting people


Celebrate grace

Let’s stop oversimplifying what religions teach


Clear on Scientology

More people are learning the truth behind this new religion