The mystery of the incarnation

Why God becoming flesh is a crucial teaching (Nov/Dec 2017)

Welcoming refugees from South Sudan

A visit to see how Uganda’s response is supported by Canadians (Sep/Oct 2017)

Evangelicalism in Canada

A mini-history by John G. Stackhouse, Jr. (Jul/Aug 2017)

Help your kids embrace the faith

Authentic experience with Jesus (May/Jun 2017)

Is Christ relevant to politics?

Theologians tackle how faith shapes public life (Mar/Apr 2017)

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In the May/Jun 2017 Issue

FT interview with Wilma Derksen

Wilma Derksen of Winnipeg is a speaker and consultant on victimization and criminal justice. She has just written The Way of Letting Go: One Woman’s Walk Toward Forgiveness (Zondervan, 2017).

In the May/Jun 2017 Issue

Help your kids embrace the faith

Trading in picture-perfect faith for authentic experience with Jesus

In the May/Jun 2017 Issue

Voyeurism, exploitation or edgy fiction?

The mixed messages of the CBC TV series Pure, a fictionalized tale of organized crime among Mennonites.

In the May/Jun 2017 Issue

The Five Love Languages turns 25

Our mini-interview with author Gary Chapman

In the Jul/Aug 2017 Issue

Seeking safety

How Canadian Christians can respond to refugees crossing the border

In the Jul/Aug 2017 Issue

You Anoint My Head With Oil

What a Bronze Age warrior-king can teach us about friends and enemies

In the May/Jun 2017 Issue

Listening to the diaspora church

A conversation with pastors of Toronto immigrant churches leads to insights and knowledge

In the May/Jun 2017 Issue

Behind Compassion’s departure from India

Thousands of children and families impacted by government’s hard new stand

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How We Order our Hearts

The trouble with do-it-yourself transformation


Arrow Leadership celebrates 25 years of transforming leaders

Ministry has made leaders more "dangerous" for years


Baptism in Nepal

Nov/Dec 2016

Bhim Lal Tamang (at right) and his team of national workers train and equip Christian leaders who understand the culture, building church at a grassroots level. Read more stories in the Global Village column.


Nepal One Year Later

Apr 26, 2016

Rebuilding after tragedy has not been an easy journey for the country of Nepal.




Spruce Grove Alliance Church, AB

Jul/Aug 2014


Helping people be well

Mark journeys with people and communities toward emotional health and mental wellness


Reconciliation event a success in Thunder Bay

The Walking Together conference explored the challenges put forth by justice Murray Sinclair, chair of Canada’s seven-year Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Sinclair famously said, "Reconciliation is about forging and maintaining respectful relationships. There are no shortcuts."


Too Many Victims

Child neglect and the response of our churches


Religious Freedom in Court

The Ktunaxa Nation case will set an important precedent


Celebrate grace

Let’s stop oversimplifying what religions teach


The "Huron Carol"

The beloved song has a complicated history


Clear on Scientology

More people are learning the truth behind this new religion


Caring for the Global Poor

A businessperson’s response to billions of hurting people