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29 May, 2023
Eight new awards for Faith Today

Celebrate with us after the annual Canadian Christian Communicators Awards were announced May 26.

26 May, 2023
Browse the latest issue

May/Jun 2023 features: new study on parents, kids and faith; artificial intelligence; balancing righteousness and justice; putting discipleship ahead of church; interview with Cathie Ostapchuk of Gather Women Canada

23 May, 2023
How Tim Keller changed my life

Toronto pastor and author Darryl Dash reflects on the impact of Tim Keller, the celebrated Manhattan pastor and author who died May 19, 2023.

17 May, 2023
Encouraging women in Canadian churches
Cathie Ostapchuk of Gather Women Canada speaks about her work mobilizing Canadian women to influence their world for Jesus Christ.
17 May, 2023
Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation celebrates its 50th anniversary

Judith Toronchuk, co-chair of the the Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation's 50th anniversary celebration committee, shares details of the celebrations.

12 May, 2023
Pastors who risk real friendships

Pastors need true friends, but they can be hard to find. A hopeful reflection written by organizers of an upcoming Vancouver gathering focused around this topic.

11 May, 2023
A weekly meal and a safe place in Ottawa
St. Peter & St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Ottawa started providing sandwiches and soup, which slowly evolved into a weekly drop-in for people on a limited income and often dealing with loneliness and insecurity around food and housing.
11 May, 2023
How to bring out your creative side
Ann-Margret Hovsepian, a Montreal author and illustrator, chats about the creative side each of us has been created with.
04 May, 2023
Now hiring a communications specialist

Come work with us! Our publisher, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, is hiring a full-time communications specialist.

04 May, 2023
Parents, kids & faith

A new study examines home discipling of Canadian children and sparks discussions about how churches support parents

04 May, 2023
Winnipeg scholars on the Believers Church Bible Commentary

Scholars Gordon Matties and Dan Epp-Thiessen on their new commentaries

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