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07 March, 2019
Still time

The beautiful grace of aging, community and friends

04 March, 2019
The FT Interview with Andrew Gabriel

ANDREW GABRIEL is the author of Simply Spirit-Filled: Experiencing God in the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit (Emanate Books, 2019) and theology professor at Horizon College and Seminary in Saskatoon. He is an ordained minister with The Pent...

28 February, 2019
2019 Jan/Feb Table of Contents - Vol 37 No 1

Crisis Response. How your church can help when disaster or tragedy strikes in Canada.

14 February, 2019
Indigenous prison chaplain filling high calling

Positive role model plays essential role in prison ministry

30 January, 2019
How common beliefs fuel assisted death

When individual autonomy is supported by a gnostic ethic

23 January, 2019
We need triage in our churches

Assessing what’s urgent isn’t a majority vote

17 January, 2019
Going further with mentoring

The EFC’s recent webinar on “Mentoring and Why it Matters” generated lively discussion and lots of helpful tips, especially about the “mechanics” of a typical mentoring session.

09 January, 2019
Crisis Response: How your church can help when disaster or tragedy strikes in Canada

Local churches are uniquely positioned to be a comfort in terrible times

03 January, 2019
The FT Interview With Bob Laarman

BOB LAARMAN is director of disaster response services for World Renew, the disaster response and community development arm of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.

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