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07 June, 2024
Longing for joy with author Alastair Sterne
Are you predisposed to grumpiness? Does joy feel like an elusive dream? B.C.-based author Alastair Sterne leads us through a contemplation of joy that is theological and practical. Our 10th full-length podcast video.
07 June, 2024
How do we love our neighbour when they've survived trauma?
Brenton Diaz, a trauma therapist in Ontario, helps us understand what it means to befriend someone harmed by a history of abuse or war. It's not as hard as we think it might be. Our 9th full-length podcast video.
29 May, 2024
Gathering young Christians with Israel Gimba
Israel Gimba is an Ottawa evangelist and pastor. He talks with host Sammy Kyereme about the heart of the ministry Dunamis Army, how Ignite Saturdays are facilitated, and strategy on how to bring together a united gathering for young Christians. Ou...
25 May, 2024
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May/Jun 2024 features: The kiss of joy; Creating a congregational culture of support; Making room for play; Four things a Gen Z pastor learned in his first two years; Waking up to the pastor shortage; and more

15 May, 2024
Refugee in Canada supports potlucks of peace in Afghanistan

What started with eight Christians in Luke Anwari’s Afghanistan apartment in 2011 has grown to 450 men and women together from different clans in what is otherwise a segregated society.

26 April, 2024
Inside investigations of spiritual abuse with Bob Stenhouse and Randal Rauser
Two investigators explain what happens during an abuse investigation, how they carry out their work and why they feel called to do it. Our 7th full-length podcast video.
26 April, 2024
Single in the Church? A discussion for everyone
A wide-ranging conversation about singleness and sexuality with Karissa Sovdi, a counsellor and writer in Victoria, B.C., and Barry Danylak, the Calgary-based director of the ministry SEE Global. Our 6th full-length podcast video.
25 April, 2024
The kiss of joy

Victoria, B.C., author Alastair Sterne reflects on the human and divine possibility of joy. Aussi disponible en français.

24 April, 2024
Religious freedom and religious diversity

Stewarding our freedom through civil discourse. Aussi disponible en français.

24 April, 2024
Glimpses of glory

The Emmaus road reminds us we walk by faith, not by sight. Aussi disponible en français.

24 April, 2024
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