2022 Jul - Aug

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16 August, 2022
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Jul/Aug 2022 features: preaching advice from theologian Mark Buchanan; giving trends; how MAiD is transforming health care; loving our neighbours in group homes/wheelchairs; companionship in grief; books to read with ...

15 August, 2022
Companionship in grief

How we can bring grace to a bereaved person. Susie Colby shares her heartfelt thoughts about the journey of bereavement after her husband’s recent death from cancer.

11 August, 2022
Reconciliation advocate Paul B. Anderson and Soviet Christians

The heartbreaking tragedy unfolding in Ukraine is leading believers to pray for an end to violence, practise hospitality to those in need, provide resources and learn more about the roots of the conflict. Many are als...

26 July, 2022
Christian Reformed affirm traditional teaching on sex

Two hundred and fifty Canadian congregations considering implications of summer synod decisions. A shortened version of this news report will also appear in our Sep/Oct issue.

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