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26 May, 2022
What drives the violence between Russia and Ukraine?

Ottawa scholar Vern Neufeld Redekop explains how the conflict derives from national identity needs.

12 May, 2022
Awards for Faith Today work from 2021

Join us in congratulating writers whose work has been judged excellent.

03 May, 2022
Trauma-friendly church?

New free video series prepares Canadian churches to help people such as Ukrainian refugees who've been scarred by tough life experiences.

30 April, 2022
Browse the latest issue

May/Jun 2022 features: medically assisted dying and the church; hospitality; Ukrainian Evangelicals coping amid war; care for clergy abuse survivors; why we need Jesus to help end abuse; Christians at the convoy; inte...

29 April, 2022
Six digital tools your ministry can use right now

How churches can benefit from Canva, Facebook groups,, Calendly, Bonjoro, and Slack

29 April, 2022
Navigating medical assistance in dying

The cover story of our May/Jun issue examines how the Church is encountering voluntary euthanasia

28 April, 2022
Visiting, sharing, bringing hope

Tapestry Church in Richmond, B.C., shows a creative way to love our neighbours

28 April, 2022
The FT Interview with Ann Voskamp

Ann Voskamp is a NYT bestselling author who lives and writes on a working farm in Ontario. Her latest book is WayMaker: Finding the Way to the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of. She spoke with FT’s Karen Stiller.

28 April, 2022
Why wasn’t Jesus enough?

To end abuse we need Jesus to help us face our humanity

28 April, 2022
Hospitality for anyone

The pandemic has shown us it can be easy to be inviting

27 April, 2022
Sorry, but you’re not my neighbour

Accepting our limitations can improve our contribution to God’s mission, writes columnist John Stackhouse.

27 April, 2022
Servanthood in a narcissistic age

Columnist Bruce Clemenger reflects on living counterculturally as the Body of Christ.

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