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01 November, 2023
Que ton règne vienne

Faire l'expérience du Royaume de Dieu en des temps troubles

01 November, 2023
Thy Kingdom come

Experiencing God’s Kingdom in troubled times / Également disponible en français

01 November, 2023
Digital resources for women in leadership

Encouragement, help with discernment and skill development opportunities are available

31 October, 2023
N'ayez pas peur

Noël est l'occasion de nous rappeler l'un des messages les plus constants de Dieu : « N'ayez pas peur ! Je suis avec vous. Je suis de votre côté. »

31 October, 2023
Don’t be afraid

Christmas is a time for us to remember one of God’s most persistent messages, "Don’t be afraid. I am with you. I’m on your side." / Également disponible en français.

31 October, 2023
How to empathize

How good are we at forgiving, rebuking, saying sorry and the like? Let’s reflect together in this new series.

31 October, 2023
Pondering the imponderable

Some mysteries are not for solving / Également disponible en français

30 October, 2023
The Arts and the Christian Life

An extended review of this 2022 book by Earl Davey

30 October, 2023
Christianity: An Asian Religion in Vancouver

An extended review of this 2023 book by Jason Byassee, Albert Y. S. Chu and Ross A. Lockhart

30 October, 2023
Standing in the Shadows: An Alan Banks Crime Novel

An extended Reading the Bestsellers review of this 2023 book by Peter Robinson

28 October, 2023
Guide to 2023 charity gift catalogues

To inspire your Christmas gift giving this year, Faith Today has created a list of charity gift catalogues by affiliates of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.