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28 October, 2022
A Call to Christian Formation: How Theology Makes Sense of Our World

An extended review of a 2021 book by John C. Clark & Marcus Peter Johnson

28 October, 2022
The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

An extended Reading the Bestsellers review of a 2014 book by Bessel van der Kolk

27 October, 2022
Small press roundup. Art by Alaina Agnew

Small press roundup. Artwork by Alaina Agnew; Books on the "gray areas of faith"; period between Old and New Testament; how salvation was accomplished; the gospel from Peter's perspective; and more

27 October, 2022
Resources on anti-Asian racism

Online extras to go with Isabel Ong's article

13 October, 2022
The peacebuilders of Sarajevo

The peacebuilding work in Sarajevo among a small band of Orthodox Serbs, Muslim Bozniaks and Catholic Croats is inspiring, writes Phil Wagler

07 October, 2022
Mental illness: How we can help instill self-esteem

"With the prevalence of stigma, people with mental health issues need all the help they can get to raise their self-esteem and become confident members of the community," says writer Marja Bergen.

05 October, 2022
Video course helps churches talk about mental health

Oct. 2-8 is Mental Illness Awareness Week. Here's an advance look at a relevant article we'll be publishing in our Nov/Dec issue.

03 October, 2022
How faith can help with mental illness

Marja Bergen, who lives with bipolar disorder, writes on the mysterious link between faith and mental health that brings healing

28 September, 2022
Artists and other misfits

The author of the best fiction book of 2021 (according to The Word Guild) reflects on the strange idea that God would take an interest in an artist’s work.

27 September, 2022
Eyes to see: Observing more than just a day for truth and reconciliation

As Canada marks a second annual National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, let's listen prayerfully to the story of Temera Millar and the insights of Ron Hartwig, both of North American Indigenous Ministries.

23 September, 2022
Unexpected pregnancy meets unexpected strength

Do we want to be a nation that supports a woman’s right to choose? Then that must include a woman’s right to make the choice not to have an abortion, argues Rebecca Peters of Pregnancy Care Canada.

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