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01 July, 2022
L'interview de Faith Today avec John Stackhouse

L'auteur du nouveau livre Evangelicalism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford UP) est professeur d'études religieuses à l'université Crandall de Moncton, chroniqueur favori de Faith Today, érudit et auteur de nombreux o...

30 June, 2022
La foi en des temps troublés

Chroniqueur Bruce Clemenger réfléchit sur l'assurance de l'Évangile

30 June, 2022
Faith in unsettling times

Columnist Bruce Clemenger reflects on the assurance of the gospel

29 June, 2022
The Rebel Christ

An extended Reading the Bestsellers review of a 2021 book by Michael Coren

24 June, 2022
Be open and listen

Be open and listen! That was the advice given to Edith and Neill von Gunten before their first ministry experience in an Indigenous community many years ago. It soon led to a valuable lesson right in their living room...

24 June, 2022
Seminary student, children’s pastor, Survivor winner

Ontario Pentecostal takes reality TV win in stride

26 May, 2022
What drives the violence between Russia and Ukraine?

Ottawa scholar Vern Neufeld Redekop explains how the conflict derives from national identity needs.

24 May, 2022
Canadian gifts support Ukrainian refugees in Europe

Traveller reports stories of generosity for World Evangelical Alliance

12 May, 2022
Awards for Faith Today work from 2021

Join us in congratulating writers whose work has been judged excellent.

03 May, 2022
Trauma-friendly church?

New free video series prepares Canadian churches to help people such as Ukrainian refugees who've been scarred by tough life experiences.

30 April, 2022
Browse the May/Jun 2022 issue

May/Jun 2022 features: medically assisted dying and the church; hospitality; Ukrainian Evangelicals coping amid war; care for clergy abuse survivors; why we need Jesus to help end abuse; Christians at the convoy; inte...

GCCM UkraineAid woodstoves
GCCM UkraineAid woodstoves