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05 October, 2020
Believers beware

How well do we really understand conspiracy theories?

25 September, 2020
Reconciling the iceberg: Healing the pain of our hearts

Can peace and reconciliation be experienced in the heart of one who has been deeply wounded?

16 September, 2020
Pets of vulnerably housed people

Beloved pets offer purpose, and need attention and care

15 September, 2020
Decision by crowd

What it means for a Christian minority when majority rules

14 September, 2020
Fundamentalisms and the Word of God

Knowing God and ourselves under the authority of Scripture

14 September, 2020
From the ground up

On racism and reconciliation thunder

14 September, 2020
Appointment with God

Walking with my father through the temptation of euthanasia

14 September, 2020
De bas en haut

Sur le racisme et le tonnerre de la réconciliation

14 September, 2020
Une place à la table

Quand tu te sens seul à la grande table du ministère

14 September, 2020
Désir d’appartenir

Comment les chrétiens vivent-ils notre accueil et notre inclusion des minorités?

10 September, 2020
Little reconciliation

What is the little act of reconciliation God is calling you to do today?

08 September, 2020
The FT Interview with Gary Stagg

Gary Stagg is executive director of Open Doors Canada, an organization that serves persecuted Christians in the world’s most restrictive countries. He spoke to Karen Stiller about what it means to be persecuted and wh...

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