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08 July, 2024
Restored Ministries offers hope for sexual addiction

An online ministry from Edmonton offers courses and coaching for men, women and couples to deal with sexual addiction.

02 July, 2024
Four homegrown supports for artists

Musician Chris Ellison shares help for contemporary Christian musicians

02 July, 2024
Enduring outpost of the Kingdom near Victoria, B.C.

Canadian L’Abri is a communal retreat house that welcomes anyone, reports Louise Jansen

27 June, 2024
Vocational Christian ministry: Who is the Spirit calling?

Reflecting on talk of a pastor shortage, Gordon T. Smith encourages churches to cooperate with the Holy Spirit calling people at mid-life to vocational ministry.

26 June, 2024
Video lectures reflect on life with digital media

New TWU online series called Equipping Lectures offers wisdom for a digital world

21 June, 2024
Conflict, refugees and hunger

As the world observes World Refugee Day, let's consider how conflict leads to hunger and how Christians are responding.

24 April, 2024
Awards for Faith Today work from 2023

Join us in congratulating writers whose work has been judged excellent.

19 April, 2024
Cap on international students hits Christian universities

A decision by the Canadian government to limit the number of international students coming to Canada to study is affecting many Christian colleges and universities. A report by John Longhurst, now updated after an int...

16 April, 2024
Learning from Jesus and the woman at the well

The way Jesus talked with the woman at the well shows us the steps of caring with sensitivity, creating safety and belonging, writes Ty Ragan of Calgary.

18 March, 2024
Prayer vigil for peace brings neighbours together

It was a powerful evening. Sure, there are all kinds of significant differences between the congregations represented at that vigil. But everyone believed that making a united statement for peace was important.

01 March, 2024
More poems for Easter 2024

An online supplement of contemporary Canadian poetry, an addition to those published in our Mar/Apr 2024 issue.

01 March, 2024
Praying for Muslims in our neighborhoods and communities this Ramadan

March 10 marks the beginning of Ramadan this year, when Muslims in Canada and around the world will begin fasting and praying.

23 January, 2024
Growing curly endive brought healing and more

A small garden of curly endive brought a measure of personal healing, nourished local families in need, and is giving rise to a collaborative project between local charities and gardeners, explains Ontario writer Iren...

10 January, 2024
The will to build

Being a part of a building project in God’s work is a life-altering experience – in the ancient Israel of Haggai's day or in, say, Northern Ontario today, writes Nat Reed

20 December, 2023
Top 10 content at Faith Today in 2023

What were our most read articles and most visited webpages last year?