2023 Mar - Apr

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25 April, 2023
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Mar/Apr 2023 features: expansion of MAiD for mental illness paused; appreciating small churches; the cross as a model for politics; reconstructing theology in a group home; interview with new EFC president David Guretzki

21 April, 2023
How to listen well

How good are we at expressing disagreement, saying sorry, being humble, forgiving and rebuking? Let’s reflect together in this new series.

18 April, 2023
Palm Sunday in Jerusalem

Salim Munayer, a resident of Jerusalem and regional Peace and Reconciliation Network coordinator, reflects on the 2023 procession.

30 March, 2023
We are those who mourn

Every person who dies in war is one too many. A call to make the first Sunday after Easter a day of mourning for victims of war.