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31 October, 2023
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Sept/Oct 2023 features: On (not) getting things done; Christian living in the storm in the storm of anxiety; Having difficult conversations; How to disagree in a healthy way; Church witness includes nursing care; Envi...

03 October, 2023
2023 Reader Donation Appeal

Dear Faith Today reader, Along with your last print issue you might have seen an appeal letter – our yearly request that you consider supporting our free magazines with a tax-deductible financial gift.

08 September, 2023
A requiem for the living: How grief and gratitude mix

I know what Christians are supposed to believe about the afterlife, but I want the full arc feeling about this life, writes Ottawa-area author Deborah Phillips.

02 September, 2023
Comment (ne pas) faire les choses, une nouvelle mesure du temps

La pandémie m'a appris une nouvelle mesure du temps, écrit Jen Pollock Michel

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