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27 February, 2023
L’interview de Faith Today avec David Guretzki

Qui est David Guretzki, le nouveau président-directeur général de l'Alliance évangélique du Canada ? Il s'est entretenu avec Faith Today sur le rôle de l'AEC dans la communauté chrétienne du Canada et sur ses espoirs ...

02 January, 2023
The FT Interview with Lesli van Milligen

Lesli van Milligen helped lead a new study coming out this spring by a partnership of 16 Canadian ministries to examine how faith is formed in children and how churches can help ( She continues to se...

31 August, 2022
The FT interview with Bonita Mercer

Bonita Mercer is a cattle farmer from Monetville, Ont., and a board member of the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario, a professional organization for family farm entrepreneurs. CFFO advocates on behalf of 4,000 f...

31 August, 2022
L’interview de Faith Today avec Bonita Mercer

Bonita Mercer est éleveuse de bovins à Monetville, en Ontario, et membre du conseil d'administration de la Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario, une organisation professionnelle pour les entrepreneurs agricoles fam...

01 July, 2022
The FT Interview with John Stackhouse

The author of the new book Evangelicalism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford UP) is professor of religious studies at Crandall University in Moncton, a favourite Faith Today columnist, a scholar and author of many books.

01 July, 2022
L'interview de Faith Today avec John Stackhouse

L'auteur du nouveau livre Evangelicalism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford UP) est professeur d'études religieuses à l'université Crandall de Moncton, chroniqueur favori de Faith Today, érudit et auteur de nombreux o...

28 April, 2022
The FT Interview with Ann Voskamp

Ann Voskamp is a NYT bestselling author who lives and writes on a working farm in Ontario. Her latest book is WayMaker: Finding the Way to the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of. She spoke with FT’s Karen Stiller.

31 January, 2022
L'interview de Faith Today avec Kate Bowler

Kate Bowler est une auteure à succès, animatrice de podcasts et professeure à l'université Duke.

01 September, 2021
The FT Interview with Joanna la Fleur

Joanna la Fleur is a communications expert who hosts the Word Made Digital podcast. She coaches churches and organizations how to have a better digital presence. She spoke with us about what Christians learned as the ...

30 June, 2021
The FT Interview with Holly Fortier

Holly Fortier is an Indigenous-awareness trainer, filmmaker, actress and advocate. She spoke to Faith Today about her identity as a First Nations Christian woman and what the Church has to learn.

04 May, 2021
The FT Interview with Brian Doerksen

Brian Doerksen is a songwriter/recording artist in B.C. His songs "Come, Now Is the Time to Worship" & "Hope of the Nations" are known worldwide. He spoke to Karen Stiller about leading worship with a whisper & his la...

01 March, 2021
The FT Interview with Dr. Gordon T. Smith

Dr. Gordon T. Smith is president of Ambrose University and Seminary in Calgary, and a professor of systematic and spiritual theology. He spoke with Karen Stiller about how we can best be the Church today.

06 January, 2021
The FT interview with Lennett J. Anderson

Lennett J. Anderson is pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hammonds Plains, N.S., and the newly appointed lecturer in leadership and racial justice at Acadia Divinity College. He is a community activist known for his...

02 November, 2020
The FT interview with Jennifer Lau

Jennifer Lau is the new executive director of CBM (Canadian Baptist Ministries), the 150-year-old Canadian mission organization. She spoke with Faith Today’s Karen Stiller about her calling, the weight of words, and w...

08 September, 2020
The FT Interview with Gary Stagg

Gary Stagg is executive director of Open Doors Canada, an organization that serves persecuted Christians in the world’s most restrictive countries. He spoke to Karen Stiller about what it means to be persecuted and wh...