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31 October, 2023
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Sept/Oct 2023 features: On (not) getting things done; Christian living in the storm in the storm of anxiety; Having difficult conversations; How to disagree in a healthy way; Church witness includes nursing care; Envi...

30 July, 2023
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Jul/Aug 2023 features: confession as a doorway to grace; why aren't Canadians listening to Christian leaders? moving out of the empty nest; how to use holy curiosity; interview with Daniel Whitehead of Sanctuary Menta...

27 June, 2023
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May/Jun 2023 features: new study on parents, kids and faith; artificial intelligence; balancing righteousness and justice; putting discipleship ahead of church; interview with Cathie Ostapchuk of Gather Women Canada

25 April, 2023
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Mar/Apr 2023 features: expansion of MAiD for mental illness paused; appreciating small churches; the cross as a model for politics; reconstructing theology in a group home; interview with new EFC president David Guretzki

20 February, 2023
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Jan/Feb 2023 features: healthy workplaces; understanding God's provision; healthy sexuality; immigrant gifts; interview w/ Lesli van Milligen; three gentle resolutions for the new year; new money for seminaries

30 November, 2022
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Nov/Dec 2022 features: gospel hope at Christmas; Christian response to depression; recovering voices of silenced women Bible scholars; unity across racial diversity; church clothes; interview w/ Bruce Clemenger

06 September, 2022
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Sept/Oct 2022 features: redeeming the word "evangelical"; faith and mental health; building housing and community; Bethlehem Bible College shares Palestinian perspectives with Canadian Evangelicals; intvw w/ cattle fa...

25 August, 2022
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Jul/Aug 2022 features: preaching advice from theologian Mark Buchanan; giving trends; how MAiD is transforming health care; loving our neighbours in group homes/wheelchairs; companionship in grief; books to read with ...

30 April, 2022
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May/Jun 2022 features: medically assisted dying and the church; hospitality; Ukrainian Evangelicals coping amid war; care for clergy abuse survivors; why we need Jesus to help end abuse; Christians at the convoy; inte...

22 March, 2022
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This issue features: worship songs; online worship; multiculturalism; Easter poems by contemporary Canadian poets; Indigenous and Christian; reflections on climate change conference; and interview with John Franklin o...

20 January, 2022
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Our Jan/Feb 2022 issue features: cover article on funerals; youth ministry training; supportive congregations, Afghanistan's Christians; Christian magazines to discover; church policies in a changing world; and an int...

14 December, 2021
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Our Nov/Dec 2021 issue features: next-gen friendships; global persecution; how might churches flourish after the pandemic; Christian theatre; when our pets die; Christmas outreach tips; and interview with author Phili...

28 October, 2021
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Features: deconstructing faith; how churches coped with pandemic restrictions; fractured relationships in the church; and interview with communications expert Joanna la Fleur

23 August, 2021
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Features: Dallas Jenkins on his video series The Chosen; post-Covid spiritual growth; Pentecostal history in Canada and a slate of guest columnists displaying mentoring in action. View selections here or page through ...

21 June, 2021
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Articles in May/Jun 2021 reflect on death and dying, reading spiritual books, the term "evangelical" and more. View selections here or jump to a complete online sample issue you can page through.

The Sanctuary Course - Mental Health and Faith - Get Started for Free
The Sanctuary Course - Mental Health and Faith - Get Started for Free