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30 July 2023

Jul/Aug 2023 features: confession as a doorway to grace; why aren't Canadians listening to Christian leaders? moving out of the empty nest; how to use holy curiosity; interview with Daniel Whitehead of Sanctuary Mental Health

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Cover story

Confession. A doorway to grace. By Ken Shigematsu


The Faith Today interview: One on one with Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries CEO Daniel Whitehead

Why aren't Canadians listening to Christian leaders?​ The changing cultural current. By Sam Reimer

Learning to "number our days" leads to new adventures​. A challenge in Christian faith and practice. By Patricia Paddey

In each issue

Behind the scenes. Turning 40. Thanks for joining us on this journey. By Bill Fledderus and Karen Stiller

Talking points. Podcast lineup, Readers write, Milestones

Cross connections. How you wait matters. EFC President David Guretzki shares on dealing with uncertain futures. By David Guretzki

At issue. Forming relationships to move toward reconciliation. For prayer and action.

News. Notes. Ideas

  • Step Up Construction program provides job training for Winnipeg youth. Church program focuses on practical skills.
  • Where do Canadian songwriters fit in megachurch worship domination of Christian music charts? Most music flows from one major source.
  • By the numbers. Financial stress is up for many Canadians.
  • Faith Trends: Small church pastors in Canada. Averages in survey of evangelical clergy who lead fewer than 150 attendees 
  • Community-focused property transformation. Charity helps churches refinance and welcome partners into their buildings.
  • Inspiring ideas: Connected through prayer / Resisting the fires / Fight church / Kids' Bible memorization
  • Eston College goes online. A biblical learning platform for everyone. 
  • Noteworthy: Canadian prisoners dying by assisted suicide / Young people more likely to believe in hell / First ever in utero brain surgery / Only silent prayers allowed / Evangelicals most engaged with the Bible

Church and community. Church and community service are perfectly matched through Renaissance Church's free tax clinic

Global village. Lausanne Movement grows; Support for Christian education in Bethlehem; New global disciple-making movement. By columnist David Donaldson

Fellowship skills series. How to use holy curiosity. By Ron Pagé 

The gathering place. Staying true to God's mission in a world of distraction and noise. By pass-the-mic guest columnist Maggie John

News from the EFC.  Call to reverse hastened death for mental illness. New brochures. Congregational statement. Advice to Parliament on human trafficking. Increase protection for pregnant women. Criminal records of prostituted persons. Peace & Reconciliation Network appoints Joel Zantingh.  

History lesson. Democracy and Christianity linked? Canadian history reveals positive link. By Adam Rudy

Thriving in digital. Creating lasting connection online: Commodification vs. community. By pass-the-mic guest columnist Shannen Powell

Christ & culture in Canada. Crandall U professor Diandra Singh shares her story of finding grace at a dance class in her college years. How this girl met God. By pass-the-mic guest columnist Diandra Singh

Books & culture

  • Extended book review: Flood & Fury: Old Testament Violence and the Shalom of God, by Matthew J. Lynch
  • Extended book review: Next Level Church: Leading a Congregation to a New Stage of Healthy Impact, by Stephen D. Elliott
  • Extended music review: Only Ever Always, by Love & The Outcome
  • Extended music review: Into the Wild, by Dan Bremnes
  • Q + A: Philosopher Calvin Seerveld on art and Bible translation
  • Canadian Creatives: Artwork by Hoda Nicholas
  • New books roundup: From Anvil to Pulpit: The Spiritual Journey of P.W. Philpott, His Family and His Struggles for Ethical Integrity; Cuckoos in our Nest: Truth and Lies About Being Human;  Your Calling Here and Now: Making Sense of Vocation; and more