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25 April 2023

Mar/Apr 2023 features: expansion of MAiD for mental illness paused; appreciating small churches; the cross as a model for politics; reconstructing theology in a group home; interview with new EFC president David Guretzki

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Cover story

Appreciating small churches​: New study highlights unique gifts in small church cultures. By Bill Fledderus


The Faith Today interview: One on one with the EFC's new President and CEO, David Guretzki

Expansion of MAiD to mental illness paused – for one year: Christian experts reflect on the need for greater change. By Patricia Paddey

Making the cross our model for politics:​ Imagine sacrificial service instead of seizing power and defending rights. By Jesus Bondo

Reconstructing theology in a group home. How my seminary placement humbled me. By Derek Clarke

Collecting, curating and sharing. The role of research centres at Christian post-secondary schools. By Sarah Robinson

Easter poems. By Mia Anderson, Vilma Blenman, Lesley Anne Evans, D.S. Martin and John Terpstra.

In each issue

Behind the scenes. The depths of Easter. It's that time again and oh, how we need it. By Bill Fledderus and Karen Stiller

Talking points. Podcast lineup, Readers write, Milestones

Cross connections. Not without prayer. When what used to work stops working. By David Guretzki.

At issue. Declare and resolve. Concern rises for people with disabilities and mental illness considering MAiD during their vulnerable moments

News. Notes. Ideas

  • Act Five helps young adults bridge the gap. Eight month program after high school
    Invite international students for a meal. Christian homes welcome holiday guests 
  • Faith Trends. A new survey looks at the Bible engagement of Canadians.
  • East Coast Theology: Combining a book series with a localized approach to seminary curriculum
  • Inspiring ideas. Psalms? There's an app for that. A reading guide kept in order. Restarting church tech support. Make sound donations. Sowing in First Nations communities. 
  • Peace after storm Fiona. Salvation Army helps in Port aux Basques.
  • Is it time to close the doors? Consulting firm helps congregations face the future. 
  • New church resource on suicide loss. Videos and discussion guide help grieving. 
  • By the numbers. Angus Reid Institute survey looks at abortion and pro-life views across Canada. 
  • Noteworthy. Assisted suicide activity books for kids. Women arrested for silent prayer at clinic. Teens interested in Jesus, don't use Bible. Time to take a knee. Young adults main casualty of pandemic closures. 

Church and community. Adding basketball hoops to a church parking lot.

Global village. Online Afghan College; East Africa famine splits families; Nominate someone for Seoul By columnist David Donaldson

Fellowship skills series. How to listen well. By Rod J. K. Wilson. 

The gathering place. Tolerance and dialogue. Setting the table for conversations about life and faith. By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger.

News from the EFC.  Ignite prayer events: Ottawa, Calgary, Kelowna and Regina. New resource on disability and belonging. Halt the expansion of MAiD for mental illness. Speakers for your church or event. Guretzki welcomed as EFC president. New study on gifts of small churches.

History lesson. Churches and the conscription crisis, 1917-1918. The Protestant press counterculturally defended French Catholics. By Gordon Heath

Thriving in digital. Good news in our digital world. Creative gospel sharing is reaching new people. By columnist Joanna la Fleur

Christ & culture in Canada. Your church should be a cartoon company. Or at least a good volleyball team. By John Stackhouse Jr. 

Books & culture