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28 February, 2018
2018 Jan/Feb Table of Contents - Vol 36 No 1

Reconciliation. What we need is a new story. A fresh beginning. Here is what we are called to do. And here is how we can do it

31 December, 2017
2017 Nov/Dec Table of Contents - Vol 35 No 6

The Mystery of the Incarnation. Why God becoming fresh is the paramount teaching of the Christian faith

31 October, 2017
2017 Sep/Oct Table of Contents - Vol 35 No 5

Welcoming Refugees. Waves of refugees fleeing South Sudan's turmoil have landed in camps across the border in northern Uganda. Faith Today went to see the situation firsthand.

31 August, 2017
2017 Jul/Aug Table of Contents - Vol 35 No 4

A Mini-History of Evangelicalism in Canada. John G Stackhouse Jr. zips us through the decades form confederation to today.

30 June, 2017
2017 May/Jun Table of Contents - Vol 35 No 3

Help Your Kids Embrace the Faith. Trading in picture-perfect faith for authentic experience with Jesus.

30 April, 2017
2017 Mar/Apr Table of Contents - Vol 35 No 2

Is Christ Relevant to Politics? Theologians tackle how faith shapes public life.

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