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Browse the Sep/Oct 2022 issue

06 September 2022

Sept/Oct 2022 features: redeeming the word "evangelical"; faith and mental health; building housing and community; Bethlehem Bible College shares Palestinian perspectives with Canadian Evangelicals; intvw w/ cattle farmer Bonita Mercer

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Cover story

Redeeming evangelical: What to do with an inaccurate reputation. By Patricia Paddey. Aussi disponible en français.


The Faith Today interview: One-on-one with cattle farmer Bonita Mercer. Aussi disponible en français.

Faith and mental health: Finding a sanctuary in the Church. By Markku Kostamo

Building housing and community: Churches and Christian groups are paying attention to the crisis in affordable housing in Canada and bringing ideas – and bricks and mortar – to the table. By Sarah Robinson

A light behind the wall: Bethlehem Bible College shares Palestinian perspectives with Canadian evangelicals. By Byron Rempel-Burkholder

In each issue

Behind the scenes. Let your light shine: Responding constructively to a negative reputation. By Bill Fledderus and Karen Stiller

Talking points. Podcast lineup, Readers write, Milestones

Cross connections. The exponential God. The people of God working together. By David Guretzki

At issue. Limiting expression.

News. Notes. Ideas

  • Youth raises funds for orphaned children in Malawi: Creative online fundraiser shows energy and initiative
  • Disability Ministries offers resources and support: How to include people with different abilities as part of the Body of Christ
  • Inspiring ideas. Finding a new roll; Enabling work; Someone to turn to; Outreach training for youth; Sermon study tools
  • By the numbers. Skepticism of government and news media, acceptance of conspiracy theories from an Abacus Data survey
  • Fifty years of serving charities​: Association works in background to strengthen many
  • Noteworthy. Significant financial benefit from houses of worship; Men carry significant influence in abortion decisions; Sudanese religious freedom deteriorates; Fewer Evangelicals take the Bible literally
  • Churches that podcast​: Three Canadian churches that launched podcasts as part of their ministries
  • Christian Reformed affirm traditional teaching on sex​: Synod decisions discussed across 250 Canadian congregations

Church in community. Chess in the city: A creative way to love our neighbours.

Global village. Church aids Brazil flood response; UK hosts religious freedom event; Indonesia may restrict religious freedom. By columnist David Donaldson

The gathering place. The priority for health care. Promoting the sanctity of human life across all generations. By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger 

News from the EFC. Halt the expansion of MAiD for mental illness alone; Review of prostitution laws released; Court challenge to prostitution laws; The EFC presents three centres; New EFC podcast series: All things reconciled; Pro-life charities challenged.

History lesson. How sweet the sound. What one song can do. By Melissa Davis

Thriving in digital. Planning a crisis response: Preparation is time well spent in our social media age. By columnist Joanna la Fleur

Books & culture:

Books & culture: Extended online reviews

Christ & culture in Canada. Correct coffee in Canada: A Christian approach to social change. By John Stackhouse Jr.