Magazines 2022 Sept - Oct Author Bunmi Laditan on parenting with newfound faith

Author Bunmi Laditan on parenting with newfound faith

26 August 2022

Three questions for the author of Help Me God, I'm a Parent and Confessions of a Domestic Failure

Congrats on publishing Help Me, God, I’m a Parent: Honest Prayers for Hectic Days and Endless Nights. Why did you write it?

Prayer is how I get through each day as a parent – as a human, really. I became a believer about five years ago and before that didn’t know how God helps us in everyday life. I wrote this book to encourage moms and dads to turn to God when they need wisdom or can’t find the patience.

One of your previous books was a novel. Why write in these different genres?

Confessions of a Domestic Failure is fiction about a first-time mom trying to find her way. I wanted to help other moms playing with their newborns on the floor at 2 p.m. know they’re doing great no matter how insecure they feel.

After becoming a believer I felt God leading me to write about what He’s doing in my life. Sometimes I tell Him, "I’m not qualified to write this. Pick someone who has known you longer." But He keeps telling me to just be faithful and true.

How does being a Christian relate to being a writer?

It means I’m careful to ensure my work is a product of the fruits of the Spirit and reflective of His love. My writer inspirations are C. S. Lewis and Tessa Afshar. I’m not a theologian or pastor, just someone grateful for Jesus finding me in the darkness and bringing me into a love I didn’t know existed.

Bunmi Laditan ( is a bestselling author and humorous mom blogger from California who lives in Quebec. Her new book is published by Zondervan.

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