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Author Barrie Doyle on Handel, King Arthur and crisis communications

26 April 2022

Three questions for the author of Musick for the King and the Oak Grove Conspiracies

You’ve published several books in the last couple of years. Tell us about Musick for the King.

It’s a historical novel about how Handel overcame culture wars and other challenges to create his beloved piece of music Messiah. It brought a profound change in Handel’s life, which shows how God can turn people around to glorify Him.

And there’s the Oak Grove Conspiracies series. What’s that about?

Originally it was a trilogy (The Excalibur Parchment, The Lucifer Scroll and The Prince Madoc Secret), but reader demand decreed a continuation. So The Dragon’s Legacy is underway. They are suspense thrillers that take ancient legends such as King Arthur or the Holy Lance and ask what if the legends were true and had an impact on world stability today? Readers tell me the books read like today’s news. Our protagonists try to develop and then solidify their faith in the face of deadly hostility. The action ranges across Canada and the U.K., and famous places like London, Venice and Istanbul.

And you’ve helped train charities, right?

Yes. I do media training for nonprofits, and crisis management consulting for churches and organizations in vulnerable situations. I try to show them how to use the media to their advantage and balance the stories.

All the best with the novel and your crisis work.

Barrie Doyle is an author and consultant near Georgian Bay, Ont. He has been a journalist, professor and media trainer. Since his birth in Wales he has also lived in three U.S. states and Great Britain (

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