Magazines 2022 Sept - Oct Small press roundup. Art by George Wastle.

Small press roundup. Art by George Wastle.

26 August 2022

Small press roundup. Artwork by George Wastle; Books of interest incl. a study against anti-intellectualism; a memoir about working in Indigenous/Métis communities; Christianity and the New Left; and more.

art studies in florence

Canadian creatives

"When I continued my art studies in Florence, my admiration for Renaissance architecture blossomed into inspiration to paint the Basilica of San Lorenzo designed by Brunelleschi. It was built upon over centuries and filled with masterpieces by the likes of Michelangelo and Donatello, which bring glory to God. This warmly sunlit cloister is also a place of solitude, reflection and intimacy with Him."


Florentine Renaissance Treasures
(18″ × 24″, oil on canvas) by George Wastle.



  • Such a Mind as This: A Biblical-Theological Study of Thinking in the Old Testament by Richard L. Smith (Wipf & Stock 2022). A Newfoundland-born scholar who has taught in Prague and Buenos Aires helps readers love God with their mind as well as their heart and defends against anti-intellectualism (
  • Walking Together: Intercultural Stories of Love and Acceptance by Edith and Neill von Gunten (Mennonite Church Canada 2022). Memoir by an Indiana Mennonite couple who worked in Indigenous and Métis communities near Lake Winnipeg for 38 years.
  • The Uncomfortable Pew: Christianity and the New Left in Toronto by Bruce Douville (McGill-Queen’s, 2021). Examines the impact left-wing student radicalism of 1959–1975 had on mainline denominations and vice-versa, challenging the idea that the New Left was atheistic and secular.
  • Cut Road: Stories by Brent van Staalduinen (Guernica, 2022). Literary fiction about the loss and scars conflict leaves behind. Author is a former teacher and army medic in Hamilton, Ont. Reader discretion advised.
  • The Good Guy’s Guide to Great Sex: Because Good Guys Make the Best Lovers by Sheila Wray Gregoire and Keith Gregoire (Zondervan, 2022). A new book on sex and emotional intimacy from Ontario Christian marriage and sexuality speakers and researchers. Reader discretion advised.
  • A Christian Field Guide to Technology for Engineers and Designers by Ethan Brue, Derek Schuurman and Steven VanderLeest (IVP Academic, 2022). For Christians studying and working in engineering, computer science, technical design, architecture and related fields. Schuurman is Canadian.
  • Flying, Falling, Catching: An Unlikely Story of Finding Freedom by Henri Nouwen and Carolyn Whitney-Brown (Harper, 2022). Some of the last writings of the late Christian author Henri Nouwen reflect on artistry, success, failure and forgiveness by drawing on his friendship with a trapeze troupe in a traveling circus.
  • Interceding for His Children: A Tapestry of Memoirs, Testimonies, and Teachings about God’s Intercession by James Eagles (Intercede, 2021). Ontario author has served as president of Intercede International for 34 years.

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