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Fifty years of serving charities

29 August 2022 By Matthew Neugebauer

The Canadian Centre for Christian Charities works in background to strengthen many

The Canadian Centre for Christian Charities is celebrating their 50th anniversary on Oct. 12. Head of marketing Carolyn Innis says CCCC member churches and charities — not the organization itself — are taking centre stage in the celebration.

"We’ve been reaching out to our members to find out what kinds of stories they have to share with us," she says. "Maybe CCCC has played a role along the way in helping them become ever more exemplary, healthy and effective Christian ministries."

The centre offers a variety of logistical and administrative supports to churches, charitable organizations and their staff.


The Centre ( offers a variety of logistical and administrative supports to churches, charitable organizations and their staff. These include pension plans and employee benefits, insurance programs, information and guidance on transparency and best practices, advocating with government regulators and The Green, an online forum for members to interact with each other.

CEO John Pellowe says the 50th anniversary celebration will continue CCCC’s longstanding approach to put members first while the organization is content to support in the background.


"We are happy to fly below the radar," he explains. "We don’t come back [from a major event] and then send an e-blast out to our members. We are like a guide, an ally for our members."

Their next undertaking, Pellowe says, is an "organizational design lab" that will help churches and organizations build their administrative structure according to best practices.

The most public example of CCCC’s work is their accreditation program, which ensures ministries and charities are credible and accountable in their handling of donated funds. A standalone site highlights accredited members.

Pellowe was a Pentecostal pastor before taking the helm of CCCC, and builds on that ministry background when speaking about the spiritual import of the centre’s offerings. "Jesus would want His ministries to do everything in an exemplary way," he says. "When their church is a member of CCCC, they can take comfort knowing that their church has taken extra steps to make sure that they’re models of excellence themselves."

Both Innis and Pellowe say this spiritual focus determines the way CCCC operates. They point to a relational connection between staff and members, which they emphasize when drawing new members. According to Pellowe two-thirds of new members come to CCCC through word of mouth.

"They can call us, they email us – we’re there to pick up the phone when they call with a question," Innis says. "They’re not going to sit on a call centre line for hours, waiting for someone to take their calls. We really value that high touch point with our members."

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