Magazines 2021 Mar - Apr 2021 Mar/Apr Table of Contents

2021 Mar/Apr Table of Contents

16 April 2021

Feature articles for this issue reflect on the church in the pandemic and beyond, Enneagram, fallen leaders and more. Which selected articles have been posted online? Check here to find out.

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Does church still matter—even in a pandemic? By Kevin Makins 

The FT Interview: Gordon T. Smith is the president of Ambrose University and Seminary in Calgary, and a professor of systematic and spiritual theology. His latest book is Wisdom From Babylon: Leadership for the Church in a Secular Age (IVP, 2020). He spoke with Faith Today’s Karen Stiller about how we can best be the Church today.

Bridging the gap How one-year programs are equipping young high school graduates By Evelyn Pederson 

The Enneagram: An explanation. A caution. And an invitation. By Rod Wilson 

Ten lessons from fallen leaders How churches and ministries can safeguard against abuses of power. By Patricia Paddey 

What's next for the church in Quebec? The urban missiologist Glenn Smith recently stepped away from the Quebec-based ministry Christian Direction after 35 years. By Glenn Smith 

Easter Poems By Contemporary Canadian Poets. [There's also an extra set online.]

In each issue

Behind the scenes: Fond of messy church. Why we need to hang with sinners. By the editors 

Talking points: Podcast, Milestones, Recent web posts, Readers write, Contributors

Cross connections: Subject to governing authorities. Being faithful in messy situations. By columnist David Guretzki 

By the numbers: Government debt and individual generosity. Recent reports from the Fraser Institute examine aspects of Canadian finances. A page of infographics

Witness: Reconciliation through relationships. By Jimmy Thunder  

News. Notes. Ideas   

  • Small water charity named among the best in Canada. Lifewater Canada builds wells for communities in need.  
  • Covid has not stopped generosity. Children Believe survey has good news to share 
  • Inspiring ideas. Growing mobile to meet the needs. Toys and Bibles for Indigenous children. And more.
  • FaithTech helps empower Christians in technology. Hackathons nurture ingenuity 
  • Church in Newfoundland receives amazing gift. Generous donation allows long-anticipated move
  • Noteworthy. Forced closure of Vancouver hospice. Bible sales increase. And more.
  • The Mosaic Course: Tolerance that still has convictions

The gathering place: When Covid strikes: Resilient praying and caring communities are essential. By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger

News from the EFC: Limit assisted dying. Conversion therapy ban too broad. New kit to protect youth from pornography. Online prayer events. Aga religious freedom case. French blog and newsletter. EFC speakers in your online gathering? 

At issue: Freedom of speech on contentious issues. A medical student in Manitoba has been expelled for posting his unpopular views on abortion on social media.

History lesson: The secularization of universities: Have you ever noticed how many universities have Christian mottos? By columnist Kevin Flatt 

Go with God: A hurry-free life. Slowly learning not to rush. By columnist Carolyn Arends 

Religion watch: Decent folks, deadly doctrine. Understanding those who knock on our doors. By columnist James A. Beverley

Global village By columnist David Donaldson  

  • Persecution has risen
  • Seeking peace in Columbia 
  • Evangelicals at the United Nations

Books & culture: Reviews  

  • Evangelicals: Who They Have Been, Are Now, and Could Be by Mark A. Noll, David W. Bebbington, and George M. Marsden
  • Brave Women, Bold Moves: Choosing Courage in a Culture of Conformity by Cathie Ostapchuk
  • Myth and Meaning in Jordan Peterson: A Christian Perspected edited by Ron Dart
  • Conversations with My Inner Atheist: A Christian Apologist Explores Questions that Keep People Up at Night by Randal D. Rauser
  • Reading the Bestsellers: Out of the Shadows: A Memoir by Timea Nagy and Shannon Moroney
  • Music: The Work Vol. 1 Elias Dummer
  • Canadian Creatives: Legislated to Death by Anita Van Zeumeren

Christ & culture in Canada: Should pastors cry? Our answers show how we think of God. By columnist John G. Stackhouse Jr.  

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