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30 October 2021

Our Sep/Oct 2021 issue features: deconstructing faith; how churches coped with pandemic restrictions; fractured relationships in the church; and interview with communications expert Joanna la Fleur

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The FT Interview: Joanna la Fleur coaches churches and Christian organizations how to have a better digital presence. She spoke with us about what Christians learned as the pandemic accelerated, our shift to virtual platforms and what we can carry forward.

Deconstructing faith, growing up in Christ: Religion’s failures are pushing some Evangelicals to change – but into what? By Peter Schuurman. Related webinar: Register today to join Peter Schuurman Oct. 5 in discussion with Faith Today editors Karen Stiller and Bill Fledderus.

A dozen podcasts you should know about: Canadian Christian podcasts worth a listen. By Ilana Reimer

How we coped with the lockdowns: Churches share how they struggled with and survived pandemic restrictions. By Alex Newman

Fractured relationships in the church: How we can pursue healing. By Rod Wilson

Love one another: Canadian Christian organizations urge action for the world's poor. By Melissa Yue Wallace 

Racism and Christian witness: Widening our understanding of sin. By Mark R. Glanville

In each issue

Behind the scenes: Light in the darkness. Thank God for the creative work of his Spirit. By the editors

Talking points: Podcast lineup, New webinars, Recent web posts, Milestones, Readers write, Contributors

Cross connections: Not everything has a purpose. How God works for the good of His people. By David Guretzki Online Oct. 7

By the numbers: Baptists in Canada: 6 major groups

Witness: The lessons of my grandmother. By Rev. Cristino Bouvette 

News. Notes. Ideas

  • Toronto church delivers meal kits. Neighbourhood need sparked ministry innovation.
  • Religious Freedom Institute opens branch in Vancouver​. Janet Epp Buckingham appointed to lead.
  • Inspiring ideas.
  • The Great Sex Rescue. New book is helping marriages and making waves. 
  • Salvation Army university adds urban issues program​​. Four-year interdisciplinary program will help students and cities.
  • Church magazine makes an impression on Toronto neighbourhood: Focus on the arts inspires readers
  • Noteworthy. Summer Jobs program grants discriminated against Christian university. Pentecostal growth and mission strategies. Indian Christians have strong Bible engagement, yet some retain Hindu ideas. Global migration of Christianity. Most pastors connect with peers for support. And more.
  • A seat at the table. Intriciti encourages integration of faith and business Online Sept. 30

The gathering place: Our election posture. Challenging indifference and willful blindness. By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger 

News from the EFC: Election resources. Indigenous relations. Porn sites need age verification. Conversion therapy definition needs clarity. Medical Assistance in Dying study. Weekly EFC prayer prompts. EFC updates in French.

At issue: Building dialogue between Catholics and Evangelicals.

History lesson: Thousands of missing lives. The disturbing history of residential schools in Canada. By Kevin Flatt Online Oct. 21

Go with God:Wild geese and power lines. Learning to be open to God’s power. By Carolyn Arends Online Sept. 23

Religion watch: UFOs, religions and the gospel. What should Christians know as the 1970s craze regains visibility? Christian prayer and care needed. By James A. Beverley Online Oct.  28

Global village By columnist David Donaldson

  • Libel in India and Nepal
  • YA ministry resource 
  • Remembering Project Pearl
  • Call for peace in Colombia 

Books & culture: Reviews Online Oct.  14

  • A Burning in My Bones: The Authorized Biography of Eugene H. Peterson, Translator of The Message by Winn Collier 
  • The Minister’s Wife: A Memoir of Faith, Doubt, Friendship, Loneliness, Forgiveness and More​ by Karen Stiller 
  • Untangling Popular Pro-Choice Arguments: Critical Thinking About Abortion by Hendrik van der Breggen
  • Angelicus: Poems by D. S. Martin 
  • Reading the Bestsellers: The End of Gender: Debunking the Myths About Sex and Identity in Our Society by Debra Soh
  • Canadian Creatives: Flame/Eagle Eye by Christine Cole

Christ & culture in Canada: Election priorities. How much each of us can make a difference. By John G. Stackhouse Jr.   

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