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30 November 2022

Nov/Dec 2022 features: gospel hope at Christmas; Christian response to depression; recovering voices of silenced women Bible scholars; unity across racial diversity; church clothes; interview w/ Bruce Clemenger

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Cover story

Living in two worlds: The hope of the gospel at Christmas. By Tim Perry. Aussi disponible en français


The Faith Today interview: One-on-one with EFC President Bruce Clemenger. Listen to the extended audio podcast version.

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A human Christian response to depression​: Avoiding secular and spiritual missteps. By Rod Wilson. Aussi disponible en français

Recovering the voices of women long silenced: Inside the work of Canadian academic Marion Taylor. By Patricia Paddey.

Healthy unity across racial diversity:​ Chinese Canadian pastors, psychologists and laypeople share experiences of racism, and offer insights on how churches can care for mental health. By Isabel Ong

The Church in vogueWhy some of us have a special set of clothes for church. By Alex Newman

In each issue

Behind the scenes. Jesus-filled lives. Publicly connecting the dots. By Bill Fledderus and Karen Stiller

Talking points. Podcast lineup, Readers write, Milestones

Cross connections. The dissonance of preaching. Words from above require prayer. By David Guretzki. Aussi disponible en français

At issue. Disability and inclusion in the church.

News. Notes. Ideas

  • Youth benefit from pro-athlete attention:​ Creative online fundraiser shows energy and initiative
  • By the numbers. Living solo continues to rise, but living with roommates is the fastest-growing household type in Canada.
  • East Coast Theology: Combining a book series with a localized approach to seminary curriculum
  • Inspiring ideas. Resources for life; Helping seafarers keep the cross in view; Supplies on reserve; Building the basics
  • Video course helps churches talk about mental health.
  • Affordable housing charity expands reach​: Three Canadian churches that launched podcasts as part of their ministries
  • Noteworthy. Anti-Catholic hate crimes spike; Pandemic leads to doctrinal shifts; Online restrictions further limit Chinese religious freedom; Christians unclear about tithing; Bible-reading habit increases prosocial engagement
  • New Bible League office promotes ministry in Canada longterm. 

Church in community. Serving after Fiona in Charlottetown. Creative ways to love our neighbours.

Global village. Trauma care in Iraq; NAE on climate change; Mission after Covid. By columnist David Donaldson

The gathering place. Advocating for human dignity. Indifference on issues such as prostitution is not an option. By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger. Aussi disponible en français

News from the EFC.  Halt the expansion of MAiD for mental illness alone. Court challenge to prostitution laws. Reconciliation projects grow. Speakers for your church or event. Conscience protection. Private member’s bills in Parliament. Condolences on Queen’s death. Pro-life charities challenged.

History lesson. The ministry of the Christian bookseller. Remembering Reformation Book Service. By Michael Haykin

Thriving in digital. So you want to start a podcast: It’s not a bad idea. By columnist Joanna la Fleur

Books & culture:

Books & culture: Extended online reviews

Christ & culture in Canada. No, don’t give your kids a choice. Churchgoing needs to be non-negotiable. By John Stackhouse Jr.