Magazines 2020 Nov - Dec 2020 Nov/Dec Table of Contents

2020 Nov/Dec Table of Contents

20 December 2020

Feature articles for this issue reflect on Christmas hope during a pandemic, creation care, the Sixties Scoop, aging and more. Which selected articles have been posted online? Check here to find out.

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Hope is a decision: Christmas rejoicing in a weary world By Karen Stiller 

The FT interview: One on one with Jennifer Lau, executive director of Canadian Baptist Ministries

Strengthening the muscle of hope: How we're participating in God's story By Julie Lane-Gay 

The suffering of Christmas: Rethinking the warm fuzzies of the manger scene By Shiao Chong

Crisis in creation care: A leading climate scientist shows how we can all respond By Katharine Hayhoe

Sixties scoop survivor stories: What I've been learning from my mother's work as a foster parent. By Dorene Meyer 

Surviving the Sixties Scoop: My personal story. By Parry Stelter 

How then should we age? Covid is showing us what needs to change—How will the church respond? By Maxine Hancock

Encouraging faith when university is online: The challenges and surprising successes of pandemic campus ministry By Meagan Gillmore


In each issue

Behind the scenes: Questioning drift. In the diverse Body of Christ, we need each other. By the editors 

Talking points: Podcast lineup, Recent web posts, Readers write, Webinars, Milestones, Contributors

Cross connections: "In those days..." Pandemic parallels with the nativity. By columnist David Guretzki  

News. Notes. Ideas   

  • Network helping churches feed their neighbours well Vancouver's Planted Network evaluates churches' current meal programs, helps them improve and trains volunteers for new programs 
  • The pain of miscarriages Book can help those grieving  
  • Mission converts dining room to shelter: Covid-19 created a new shelter for people living in poverty in Edmonton
  • Inspiring ideas
  • Ministry helps kids who need surgery 
  • Camp offers university students in-person community: Camp in Arden, Ont. is providing university students a place to live and learn together
    Developing a deeper digital community: Ambrose prof helps churches pivot
  • Noteworthy: Newsbits
  • Mission converts dining room to shelter: Covid-19 created a new shelter for people living in poverty in Edmonton 

Church in community: Settling the newcomer. North Park Community Church in London, Ont welcomes refugees and settles newcomers to life in Canada as a regular part of its ministry. 

News from the EFC: Euthanasia wider by Christmas? New denominational affiliate. EFC prayer ambassador. Guide to welcoming refugees. Conversion therapy ban, again. New PRN resources. Support for porn restriction. Podcast renamed.

The gathering place: Joining conscience with respect: Enabling public witness amid diversity By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger

At issue: Prostitution laws in Canada. 

History lesson: Phoebe Palmer and the 1857 Hamilton Revival. By columnist Kevin Flatt 

Go with God: The case for confession. The importance of naming and owning our sin. By columnist Carolyn Arends

Religion watch: Q&A about QAnon. What we need to know about this conspiracy theory. By columnist James A. Beverley 

Global village By columnist David Donaldson  

  • Christians help in Lebanon 
  • Refugees need compassion: European churches

Books & culture: Reviews. 

  • Rationality, Humility and Spirituality in Christian Life by Dennis Hiebert 
  • Fruitful Boughs Broken: Pastors in Faithfulness, Failure and Forgiveness by Glenn C. Taylor
  • Why Would Anyone Go to Church? A Young Community's Quest to Reclaim Church for God by Kevin Makins
  • Exiles on Mission: How Christians Can Thrive in a Post-Christian World by Paul S. Williams 
  • Artwork by Dan Steeves
  • Bestseller: The Home for Unwanted Girls: A Novel by Joanna Goodman
  • Music: Relentless by Folarin and Keziah

Christ & culture in Canada: Serious Christianity. Radical living communicates across barriers. By columnist John G. Stackhouse Jr.