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20 February 2023

Jan/Feb 2023 features: healthy workplaces; understanding God's provision; healthy sexuality; immigrant gifts; interview w/ Lesli van Milligen; three gentle resolutions for the new year; new money for seminaries

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Cover story

A place to flourish​: Expert insights on healthy work culture for Christian workplaces. By Matthew Neugebauer. 


The Faith Today interview: One on one with faith formation expert Lesli van Milligen. 

Healthy sexuality: Critics call churches to improve discussions of sex without shame. By Ilana Reimer

The meaning of manna:​ Coming to a new understanding. By Cole Hartin

American endowment injects millions into Canadian theological educationBy Patricia Paddey

Integrating ethnic and spiritual identity. The unique gifts of second-generation immigrants. By Andrea Nwabuike

Three gentle spiritual resolutions for a new year. Growth that allows rest, not just hustle. By Darryl Dash

In each issue

Behind the scenes. Working Christianly. How can our workplaces better show the fruit of the spirit? By Bill Fledderus and Karen Stiller

Talking points. Podcast lineup, Readers write, Milestones

The lightness of a dove. The season of revelation is coming. By David Guretzki.

At issue. Helping churches support newcomers to Canada.

News. Notes. Ideas

  • Mentorship through skilled trades training:​ Organized Kaos provides training, mentorship and discipleship for youth in Ontario to help them gain skills for a career in the skilled trades.
  • Faith Trends. Christianity drops to half of population: Census.
  • East Coast Theology: Combining a book series with a localized approach to seminary curriculum
  • Inspiring ideas. Remembering their roots; Support for ex-offenders; Help at the click of a button; Play with Bible stories.
  • The Sermon Project. Old sermons will bring new insights
  • Affordable housing charity expands reach​: Three Canadian churches that launched podcasts as part of their ministries
  • Building homes, building community. 
  • Hospice for the houseless. Care for some of the most vulnerable dying people is essential ministry
  • Noteworthy. Calls to legalize euthanasia for infants; Church attendance still below prepandemic levels; Catholicism drops significantly in Quebec; Jesus–the video game; Christians rarely share faith
  • School of Women in Ministry. A two-year program for equipping women for spiritual growth and ministry

Church in community. Connecting over guitars and making music together.

Global village. Together on theological training; Columbia school serves persecuted; Church role in Mid-East peace. By columnist David Donaldson

The gathering place. The fellowship of the Body of Christ. Kingdom Witness in turbulent times. By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger.

News from the EFC.  Halt the expansion of MAiD for mental illness alone. Patients, not doctors, to initiate MAiD. Defending prostitution laws. Affiliates met at annual gathering. Pro-life charities challenged. Speakers for your church or event. Private member's bills in Parliament. 

History lesson. The big idea of the World Evangelical Alliance. The roots of an international movement. By Janet Epp Buckingham

Thriving in digital. Why your church's social media is ineffective. And how to gain traction. By columnist Joanna la Fleur

Books & culture

Christ & culture in Canada. It's how as well as what. Putting God's glory ahead of avoiding lawsuits. By John Stackhouse Jr.