Magazines 2023 Jan - Feb Small press roundup. Artwork by Elizabeth Malara-Wieczorek.

Small press roundup. Artwork by Elizabeth Malara-Wieczorek.

31 December 2022

Small press roundup. Art by Elizabeth Malara-Wieczorek. Books on dealing with a spouse's addiction struggle; drawing on Gospel of Mark for how to establish an effective leadership culture in an organization; defence of religious freedom in an increasingly secularist state; senior Ontario Christian's memoir; and more

cross over devils

Cross Over Devil’s Punchbowl (24" x 36", oil on canvas, 2022) by Elizabeth Malara-Wieczorek. (Devil’s Punchbowl is the name of this section of the escarpment in Hamilton, Ont.) PAINTING © ELIZABETH MALARA-WIECZOREK

"I follow the harmony reflected in the surrounding world. Studying my subjects I paint and draw to catch the ephemeral moments, but foremost to deepen the bond with the transcendent source of beauty, truth and life. I believe it is a responsible mission as an artist to create in accordance with my evolving faith, and to bring to the audience the artwork reflecting the ideas and values."


  • No One Brings You a Casserole When Your Husband Goes to Rehab by Leah Grey (Word Alive, 2022). Ontario author candidly tells of her hopeful, faith-based personal transformation through her husband's struggle with addiction and now leads a ministry (
  • Shifting Perspectives: Jesus Through a Leadership Lens by Ruth Esau (Word Alive, 2022). How to establish an effective leadership culture in an organization, drawing from the Gospel of Mark. Author is a Calgary coach, speaker and consultant (
  • The New Orthodoxy: Canada’s Emerging Civil Religion by Bruce J. Clemenger (Castle Quay, 2022). A defence of religious freedom, especially the freedom to disagree, in an increasingly secularist state. Author (a Faith Today columnist) moves from president of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada to senior ambassador and president emeritus on Jan. 31.
  • Outside the Gate: The Inspiring True Story of an Orphaned Girl Who Survived the Abusive Canadian Foster System by June Smith (WestBow, 2022). A senior Ontario Christian’s memoir (
  • The Kingdom of God in Working Clothes: The Marketplace and the Reign of God by R. Paul Stevens (Cascade, 2022). Encourages readers to avoid the mistaken dualism of sacred and secular. By a retired professor at Regent College.
  • Reformation Spirituality: The Unity of Theology and Practice in Luther and Calvin by Dennis Ngien (Baker Academic, 2022). Examines the significance of two key Reformation leaders for Christian spirituality today. Author teaches at Tyndale University.
  • Faith, Love and Loss: Sustaining Hope Amid Memory Loss and the Storms of Life by Harry McAvoy and Jennifer McAvoy (Novalis, 2022). A Canadian couple’s five-year journey dealing with the husband’s memory loss and diminished ability. Offers encouragement and professional insights.
  • Justice for All: The Courage to Overcome by Marja Bergen (Friesen Press, 2022). In 150 pages recounts the inspirational achievements of 12 people, focusing on Christians such as William Wilberforce and Mother Teresa. Author is from British Columbia.

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