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25 August 2022

Jul/Aug 2022 features: preaching advice from theologian Mark Buchanan; giving trends; how MAiD is transforming health care; loving our neighbours in group homes/wheelchairs; companionship in grief; books to read with kids; intvw w/ John Stackhouse

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Cover story

Preaching now and then: What nine years of pulpitless existence has taught me about preaching. By Mark Buchanan


The Faith Today interview: One-on-one on the topic of evangelicalism with professor and author John Stackhouse. 

Superhero Stella: And giving trends in the Canadian Church. By Lori Guenther Reesor

How MAiD is transforming Canadian end-of-life care​: And what we ought to do about it. By Patricia Paddey

Loving our neighbours includes group homes and wheelchairs: The pandemic has brought changes for people with diverse abilities. By Alex Newman

Companionship in grief: How we can bring grace to a bereaved person. By Susie Colby

Picture books with a theology fit: Ten Canadian books Christians can read with kids. By Beverley Rayner

In each issue

Behind the scenes. Passing the mic around: A welcome from Faith Today's summer intern. By Matthew Neugebauer

Talking points. Readers write, Milestones, Podcast lineup, Join the conversation, We asked contributors...

Cross connections. When discipleship comes home: Inviting our children to trust in the Lord. By pass-the-mic columnist Stephanie Christianson

At issue. More changes to MAiD.

News. Notes. Ideas

  • Equipping Hope Heroes through grief ministry: Tragedy brings healing
  • By the numbers. 
  • To the ends of the earth: Global Disciples Canada has a big vision
  • Inspiring ideas. Party for Jesus; A night to appreciate pastors; Money management makeover; Church offers mobile showers; Well-organized updates
  • Ten years trucking for Yeshua on YouTube: A camera, an audience and a mission
  • An app for the names of God: Unique way to host a conversation
  • Christian radio in Africa gets boost from Canadian: From Newfoundland to Burkina Faso
  • Noteworthy. Unveiling an age-old mystery; Catholic high school banned for sharing faith; Major differences between young and old evangelical donors; People are curious about religious devotion.

Church in community. Podcasting as a community-building exercise. 

Global village. Theological journal adds Spanish; Church helps health care in Congo; Five global mission trends. By columnist David Donaldson

The gathering place. Faith in unsettling times: The assurance of the gospel. By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger 

News from the EFC. Don’t open MAiD to minors or in advance; Values test for military chaplains? Court challenge to prostitution laws; Young adult initiative grows; Pro-life charities challenged; Canada Summer Jobs case continues; Civic engagement kit.

History lesson. Canadian Christians and colonialism: Looking for surprises. By columnist Alan L. Hayes

Thriving in digital. Double-dipping: When you're part of more than one church. By pass-the-mic columnist Anita Wing-Lee

Books & culture:

Books & culture: Extended online reviews

Christ & culture in Canada. Staying with people in their struggles: The complicated reality of drug addiction. By pass-the-mic columnist Meera Bai

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