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25 May 2024

May/Jun 2024 features: The kiss of joy; Creating a congregational culture of support; Making room for play; Four things a Gen Z pastor learned in his first two years; Waking up to the pastor shortage; and more

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Cover story

The kiss of joy. Exploring the human and divine possibility. By Alastair Sterne

  • Version française : Le baiser de la joie
  • Faith Today Podcast episode 228 also features Alastair Sterne talking about joy (different content than the Faith Today article). A video version of episode 228 is also in the works.


Creating a congregational culture of support. Church responses to my dad’s dementia led me to dig deeper. By Dana Friesen

Making room for play.​ Churches serving their neighbours with indoor playgrounds.​ By John Longhurst

Four things a gen Z pastor learned in his first two years.​​ By William Dmytrow

Waking up to the pastor shortage.​​ By Rick Hiemstra

The terrifying delight of losing everything.​​ Embracing the joy of Emmanuel. By Philip Serez with Robyn Serez

The FT interview: One on one with trauma therapist Brenton Diaz

Fellowship skills series.​ Forgiving starts with our own forgiven-ness.​ By Keri Harvey

In each issue

Behind the scenes. Daring to be joyful. Cultivating the fruit of the Spirit in a dark time. By Bill Fledderus and Karen Stiller

Talking points. Podcast lineup, Readers write, Milestones, Contributors

News. Notes. Ideas

  • Jazz performer soars. No divide between secular and sacred for Laila Biali. 
  • Centre aims to transform business in Canada. Tyndale initiative serves entrepreneurs
  • Armenian Missionary Association serves community. Children are main recipients of ministry that grew out of dark times.
  • Inspiring ideas: Camp under the midnight sun. New life with kids. A refreshed image for the church. Teach words with the word.
  • Author's memoir now a movie. Romance, faith and purpose are themes.
  • By the numbers. More middle ground than extremes on five contentious issues, reports the Angus Reid Institute
  • Training Ontario youth in justice work. Partnership strengthens all involved.  
  • Denomination expanding at 50. ACEM entering new era of partnership and impact. 
  • Noteworthy: Has China's Christian population plateaued? Evangelicals find faith early. A sign of the times. Pastors protests After School Satan Club. Struggle to minister to seniors.

Cross connections. Glimpses of glory. The Emmaus road reminds us we walk by faith, not by sight. By columnist David Guretzki

At issue. Becoming centres of reconciliation. For prayer and action.

The gathering placeReligious freedom and religious diversity. Stewarding our freedom through civil discourse. By columnist Bruce Clemenger

News from the EFC. MAiD for mental illness delayed. EFC analysis of online harms bill. The EFC advocates for strong conscience protection. Canadian Christian leaders call for peace in Ukraine. Speakers for your church and event. 

All things reconciled: News from the Peace and Reconciliation Network. Afghan potlucks of peace. Exploring evangelicalism. Evangelical-Muslim meeting. By David Donaldson

Thriving in digital. Disconnecting on purpose. Embracing the joy of "missing out" online. By columnist Joanna la Fleur

History lesson. Nova Scotia’s groundbreaking Black Church association. The legacy of Richard Preston in 1854 lives on. By Allister Johnson  

Church and community. Helping Bradford neighbours with promise grants. Creative ways to love to our neighbours.

Books & culture

  • Extended book review: Suffering Well and Suffering With: Reclaiming Marks of Christian Identity, by Aimee Patterson
  • Extended book review: Holiness Here: Searching for God in the Ordinary Events of Everyday Life, by Karen Stiller
  • Extended book review: Missions Disrupted: From Professional Missionaries to Missional Professionals, by Larry W. Sharp
  • Extended Reading the Bestsellers book review: The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed and Happiness, by Morgan Housel
  • Q + A: Author April Yamasaki on soul care  
  • Canadian Creatives: Painting by Bethany Kenyon
  • New media roundup
    • Christian Environmentalism and Human Responsibility in the 21st Century: Questions of Stewardship and Accountability
    • Wounded Heart, Healed Spirit: The Incredible True Story of an Unlikely Follower of Jesus
    • Foster & Adoptive Parenting: Creativity, Reflection, Practical Wisdom and Encouragement for the Trauma-Informed Parent
    • Eating Like a Mennonite: Food and Community Across Borders
    • The Pastoral Epistles: A Commentary on the Greek Text
    • Towards an Incarnational Spiritual Culture: Grounding Our Identity in Christ
    • Found: Discover the Power of Your True Identity
    • and more.

Final word. Joel Gordon, director of ministry partnership and innovation (and creative director) at The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.