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Centre aims to transform business in Canada

25 April 2024 By Julie Fitz-Gerald

Tyndale initiative serves entrepreneurs

The Centre for Redemptive Entrepreneurship (CRE) wants to help entrepreneurs bring Christian values to the Canadian business landscape. Philip Yan, its director, says redemptive business programs exist around the world, but CRE was the first of its kind in Canada when it was established in June 2021.

CRE is part of the open learning centre at Tyndale University in Toronto (, and was founded to “equip, support and mentor Christian entrepreneurs who are motivated by their faith to live out the gospel through their ventures.”

Yan estimates there are 630,000 Protestant Christian entrepreneurs in Canada.

Yan estimates there are 630,000 Protestant Christian entrepreneurs in Canada – a strong potential social influence. “We talk about three things – leadership, strategy and operations. All of these have influence in society, so if we can help entrepreneurs do this in a redemptive way, then Jesus will be extended in a greater way in society.” CRE programs include Venture Builder, Business Labs, Redemptive Imagination Gatherings, Social Sandbox and Redemptive Business Sprint ( The courses are designed to be affordable and fit within a busy entrepreneur’s schedule.

Venture Builder is a six-week course costing just under $500 that helps entrepreneurs take an idea and build the venture to the next phase. Business skills (marketing, sales, finance, management, operations) are taught from a biblical narrative of entrepreneurship. “If business is run by love, that’s really the key thing.”

Social Sandbox is designed for those not yet at the venture-building phase, while the Redemptive Business Sprint is aimed at established business leaders who want to transform their current companies. The three-month Sprint program uses redemptive strategies gleaned from spiritual directors, Christian business mentors and coaches who work closely with each participant, culminating in a business plan to achieve that transformation.

CRE’s 7,000 App facilitates group cohorts, community connections and live meetings. The name of the app is a nod to Elijah in 1 Kings 9:1, who thinks he’s alone doing God’s work, but there are 7,000 more. “We want to bring these people who are not part of the church leadership, not part of the regular expected structure, and activate them to influence society and bring Jesus into the marketplace,” says Yan. 

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