Magazines 2024 May - Jun Artwork by Bethany Kenyon. New media roundup

Artwork by Bethany Kenyon. New media roundup

25 April 2024

Christian Environmentalism and Human Responsibility in the 21st Century; Wounded Heart, Healed Spirit; Foster & Adoptive Parenting; and more


  • Christian Environmentalism and Human Responsibility in the 21st Century: Questions of Stewardship and Accountabilityed. Katherine Quinsey (Routledge, 2023). Anthology of essays, poetry, memoir writing and cultural reflections by Christian scholars including eight connected to Redeemer University.
  • Wounded Heart, Healed Spirit: The Incredible True Story of an Unlikely Follower of Jesus, by Carol Carley (Word Alive, 2023). Former reporter-editor for the Moose Jaw Times-Herald tells how she went from a bruised 12-year-old runaway to become a bold and forgiving Christian.
  • Foster & Adoptive Parenting: Creativity, Reflection, Practical Wisdom and Encouragement for the Trauma-Informed Parent, by Jessica Danae Robinson (Tellwell Talent, 2023). Practical resource from Ontario author, foster-and-adoptive mother and coach (
  • Eating Like a Mennonite: Food and Community Across Bordersby Marlene Epp (McGill-Queen's University Press, 2023). Retired Ontario history prof explores how food is an expression of religious beliefs; how diets evolve through migration, settlement and mission; how cookbooks and recipes are full of social meaning; how food scarcity shapes identity; and more.
  • The Pastoral Epistles: A Commentary on the Greek Text, by Stanley E. Porter (Baker Academic, 2023). Ontario New Testament scholar offers 992 pages of rigorous biblical scholarship emphasizing Greek language and linguistics.
  • Origins of New Testament Christology: An Introduction to the Traditions and Titles Applied to Jesus, by Stanley E. Porter and Bryan Dyer (Baker Academic, 2023). Exegetical study defends an early high Christology and argues that the titles of Jesus invariably point to an understanding of Jesus as God.
  • Towards an Incarnational Spiritual Culture: Grounding Our Identity in Christ, by Gordon E. Carkner (Wipf and Stock, 2024). Vancouver philosopher discusses ways in which people today seek to invent our own identity (referencing Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor) and why we need to interact with the incarnate Christ.
  • Found: Discover the Power of Your True Identity, by Lorie Hartshorn (Word Alive, 2023). Cohost of The 700 Club Canada, a daily TV show, invites readers to reflect on how God sees you, and to live in the love and freedom God offers (


Bethany Kenyon is a full-time artist, wife and mother in Hamilton, Ont. She became a mother recently and much of her current artwork explores this complicated, vulnerable, beautiful and messy transition. She works with all kinds of mediums and her creativity spills across her life as she, together with her two-year-old, runs a summer flower farm, does yoga, dries herbs, knits sweaters and brews her favourite coffee.

gouache on wood panel

Motherhood is drowning, sinking and learning to swim (8” x 10”, gouache on wood panel) by Bethany Kenyon., Insta: @bethanykenyonartist PAINTING © BETHANY KENYON

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